Repurposed Wrapping Paper Holder

Organizing is not my forte. I suppose it was… once upon a time in a far away land before husband and child. But admittedly, my house is cluttered and disorganized. It’s not dirty, but I crave order. Since we don’t want to move for another couple of years, it’s now my mission to de-clutter and set us up for success in our existing home.

I started small. I started so small, that I’m a little embarrassed to even make this post. But, in my quest to lighten the load in our basement and clean up my crafting corner, I stumbled across a genius repurposing idea.

We’ve had a metal four-bottle wine rack sitting in a big box of items with “Donate” scrolled on it. I had rolls of wrapping paper just spilling out all over the place nearby. So, since I have a pegboard in my area, I took a total of about 30 seconds and did this:

Gift wrap holder

How simple is that?! I placed two pegs the width of the top part of the wine rack, and then plopped the rack up on the pegboard.


This wine rack is meant to be free-standing on a counter, but it rests perfectly up against the pegboard. And, while I wouldn’t put wine on there right now, it works great to hold lightweight rolls of gift wrap. And, if you don’t have a pegboard, this could certainly be replicated with some great Command hooks or other hanging options on your walls! Or, if you have other kinds of wine racks, you might experiment with those as well.

So, there you have it. I’m a genius and didn’t even know it. Stay tuned for more accidental inventions from this self-proclaimed organizing disaster:)

Wrapping paper

Ahhh… a tiny bit of order.



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