Violet’s Second Month

two month old

Violet’s second month flew by, as they do. Here’s what she was up to in month two:

She became more alert and smiley. Her smiles in her sleep remain adorable, but it’s nice to see them in the awake hours as well. Check out this adorable video of her sleep-smiling:)

She’s got a very strong neck and legs. She started to mostly hold her head up on her own, and she really enjoyed “standing” with some help.

She was still waking up one or two times a night to nurse, but became pretty good at falling back to sleep. And, still being on leave, I was still able to sleep in or nap. Woohoo! Her napping was pretty inconsistent during the days still. She typically would take several short naps.

Violet spent more time in August snuggling Nitro the cat. We are so blessed to have a pet who loves our children.

The extreme heat of July gave way to more comfortable temps in August, so Violet and I spent a lot of time going on walks in our neighborhood.

baby and grammyGrammy Su visited on August 10th. Violet gave her lots of nice snuggles.

Violet made her first pilgrimmage to my hometown of Chariton on August 13. She got to see Grandma Mel and Grandpa Donnie and lots of fun cousins and aunts and uncles.

We first made it to church as a family of four on August 20. It went well. She nursed most of the service, but made time to meet my former co-worker Karoline.

She and I spent August 21st at home on a cold (for August), dark and drizzly day hoping the clouds would part long enough to see the eclipse. I had fashioned a viewer out of a cereal box and kept checking on the sky while Violet napped away. I got to see the eclipse for about one minute. It was fun to be a part of history with my little baby. Then I took a nap. Ha. We also saw a beautiful rainbow from our backyard that day. Since Violet is a rainbow baby, I appreciate them even more these days:)

On August 23, Charlotte was home from preschool, so we had a fun girls day! We painted pottery at Glazed Expressions (Violet slept), played at the Clive Greenbelt Park (Violet ate) and visited Daddy at work. Violet met some of his favorite co-workers, and Charlotte got to snap a few car photos.

On August 24, Luke was nice enough to take a day off from work to stay home with Violet. My work had a big announcement about a data center project coming to town. So, I showered and PUT ON MAKE-UP and a pretty dress to be a part of the big day. It was nice to be among adults for a few hours, but I was ready to get back to snuggles.

She is my little shopping buddy. Our favorite stops include Target and Aldi. We fancy.

Violet made her first trip to the Evans Family Farm on August 26. It was rainy, so she didn’t quite get the full tour, but we did still have lots of fun. She met great aunts and uncles and got to see Grammy and cousins.
For most of August, we thought our precious baby had become colicky. She was crying a lot and having a hard time sleeping. It was frustrating. We bounced her so much on the yoga ball, that I thought the ball would just burst and send us both to the floor. There was one whole day at the end of August where she literally cried for five or six hours straight. We thought she might have a cold or something, so we were glad her two-month doctor appointment was approaching. It turns out she had a double ear infection! I was very surprised since she was so young. Her doctor prescribed an antibiotic, and truly after the first dose she was a whole new baby! I was so glad she was feeling better. And at that two-month appointment, she weighed 12 pounds, 1 ounce! Growing, growing.

Here’s some more Violet cuteness from month two!

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