Violet’s First Month

violet 1 week

Luke and I left Methodist West hospital with Violet late in the morning on Wednesday, July 5. Violet was two days old. She wore the same rosebud outfit that both myself (in 1983) and her big sister Charlotte (2013) also wore home from our respective hospitals. Do we look like proud parents, or what?

violet dressed up

baby violet leaving hospital

We had some amazing nurses, decent rest and of course fantastic family visitors while we were in the hospital. We even enjoyed watching fireworks from every corner of the hospital the night of July 4. Violet just so happened to be born on 4th of July weekend the first year fireworks were legal in Iowa. I’m glad the hospital walls were sound-proof!

Once home, we were greeted by Charlotte and Grammy Su, who had been taking care of Char at our house. We were a little terrified to have two humans in our care at the same time, but alas – we had to let Grammy go home sometime. And, look at the cute art they made to welcome Violet home!

I’ll be honest, after about the first two hours home, I was ready to go back to the hospital. Charlotte’s need for attention was dominating our ability to function. But, luckily she got used to it after the first couple of weeks. Violet on the other hand made it easy on us. She truly did sleep, eat, poop, repeat. She slept A LOT. Sometimes I had to wake her to feed her at night because she just loved to sleep. She and I usually saw each other 2-3 times a night during those early weeks. She was a great nurser from the get-go. However, she never really took a pacifier which made her few grumpier moments a bit challenging.

Luke was able to be home with us for two weeks, which was nice. We also had friends and family visit often. Many brought sweet gifts and FOOD!!! Yay for food!

It was basically 90-100 degrees for all of July, so we stayed inside a lot. But, that was okay – nothing wrong with snuggling all day in the comfortable AC. Charlotte went to preschool still, so the house was very quiet. And, I never got the baby blues with this one, so maternity leave was a breeze.

Here’s how Violet progressed over the first four weeks:

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Sure, she couldn’t do much at days/weeks old, but here are a few things Miss Violet “accomplished” in that first month.

  • First baths – Violet had her first bath at the hospital, of course, late in the evening on the day she was born (July 3). She didn’t seem to mind it too much with the nurse, but was not a big fan when we did it at home. With Charlotte helping, Violet let us hear her voice quite a bit!

tummy time

  • Tummy time – She was pretty tolerant of tummy time in the beginning, doing a solid 3-5 minutes at a time before complaining.
  • Newborn pictures – Violet got her close-up moment with newborn photos on July 14. She slept the ENTIRE time, waking (sort of) only to eat. We tried several times to get some shots with her eyes open, but alas – just too sleepy. Regardless, the pics were adorable.
  • Preschool visit – On July 24, Charlotte showed off her baby sister at preschool. She beamed with pride as her little friends tip-toed closer and closer to Violet, just staring in awe.
  • Work visit – On July 25, Violet got to visit my co-workers at City Hall. She got to take part in her first Directors’ Meeting. A necessary diaper change mid-meeting and a trip to everyone’s office wore her out!
  • Weight gain – Seeing as how all Violet does is eat and sleep, it’s no wonder she’s been gaining weight. At her first doctor appointment two days after coming home, she weighed more than when we left the hospital – great news! And at her two week appointment, she weighed 7 pounds, 2 ounces. She was over her birth weight! At the same appointment, she had her belly button cauterized too, because it hadn’t quite healed right from when the cord fell off. All better now.

More first month pics:

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My postpartum recovery was much easier this time around, both mentally and physically. It was great to just be able to enjoy the sweetness of my newborn. She made us beam with those sweet little grins in her sleep, her mimicking us sticking our tongues out and big wide eyes whenever her sister Charlotte was around. Love you, Miss Violet. Can’t wait to see what month two brings…

baby violet one month


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