What I Learned from Being Sick/New Year’s Goals

SickA few days before Christmas, I came home from work and started feeling nauseous and shaky. I had pain in my abdomen and was just exhausted. I took my temperature, and it was 101 degrees. My husband covered me in two blankets on the couch, brought me some Tylenol and told me to think happy thoughts.

I was too worn down the next morning to get Charlotte ready for school or to go to work. So, I rested most of the day, hoping it was just a 24-hour bug. By Christmas Eve morning, I still wasn’t feeling great, but I didn’t have a fever right then, so we traveled to Luke’s family’s farm. I started to feel worse while we were there. I tried not to hug or kiss anyone in case I was contagious.

After two missed days of work (luckily I already had a lot of time off for the holidays), two missed Christmas gatherings, three doctor appointments, one entire torso ultrasound, a swollen liver, two blood draws and lots of missing out on daily mommy moments, my fever finally went away. And, on January 2nd, I pretty much felt 100% better.

About a week later, once back in full form, my doctor called to say I had the CMV virus or Cytomegalovirus for you nerds out there:) It’s a virus that 50% of people have by the time they’re 30, but often don’t exhibit symptoms. It’s highly contagious and I’m still not sure where I could have picked it up – anywhere, I suppose – with all the sneezing and wheezing going on this time of year. I felt guilty about anyone I had come in contact with, but other than that… I was relieved it wasn’t something more serious. I had Googled myself into some pretty bad diseases during those weeks.

Anyway, to get to my point… when I was down and out, I was so annoyed because I couldn’t play with daughter, I couldn’t visit with loved ones, I couldn’t work and I couldn’t do all the projects I planned on doing over the holiday break. It was so frustrating, and it made me realize how absolutely lazy I can be when I’m well! I think we often take advantage of wellness.

So, as I was mentally willing my illness away before the new year hit, I made mental notes that 2015 would be different. These aren’t resolutions per se, but they are some things I decided I would be well enough to accomplish throughout the new year.2015

  1. I need to put down the iPhone and iPad. I spend too much time staring at those screens when I could be building block towers with Miss Charlotte or asking Luke about his day.
  2. Luke got me a Garmin Vivofit for Christmas (my request, not his harsh hint – ha). Since I’ve felt well again, I’ve had that fitness tracker on my arm everyday. I actually enjoy making a game out of surpassing my step goal each day.
  3. I realized that I’m not as healthy as I should/could be. I like wine and I like ice-cream. I also haven’t figured out the whole “fit-a-workout-into-my-working-mom-schedule” yet. So, with that said, I’ve been working on my eating. Eating healthy is easier than being at the gym two hours a day. Baby steps, I suppose. And, it’s proving to be rewarding already.
  4. I missed Christmas with family, and I also missed a gathering of far away friends and their babies. Luke and Charlotte went, and while I’m glad they got to see everyone, I was bummed. So, I’m aiming to actually set dates with people. We always say “let’s get together” and all that, but this year, we’ve decided to really make it a priority to spend time with those we enjoy.
  5. My house became so messy and dishes piled up, etc. I’m a realist. I know no house with a toddler in it is going to be spic-and-span all the time (ever?). But, I have a goal of getting rid of about a quarter of the “stuff” in our house, organizing, redecorating and making our house just function better, period.
  6. We are church members, but we don’t go often. I’m a believer, but I’m not a pillar of faith. While worrying about what was wrong with me, and praying that I would get better and not get anyone else sick, I realized that my spirituality was also ailing. So, that’s something to work on, too.

So, those are my illness-inspired “goals”. While I know having a two-week virus is small potatoes compared to serious illnesses that other people deal with, it was a good (albeit unpleasant) reminder to live each day to its fullest. How are you going to get more out of life this year?


3 thoughts on “What I Learned from Being Sick/New Year’s Goals

    • Oops! Totally hit the enter button far too soon! 😉

      Anyway, sorry you were so sick. It’s amazing how much we take movement and just feeling normal for granted and realize it once something happens and it’s not there anymore.

      Love your “resolutions”! I’m all for hitting up some free yoga outside and some walks once it gets nice again. And just being active and doing fun things in general, all while hanging out with some of my favorite people!

      Love you!! 🙂 🙂

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