Refocusing on Being a Present Mother

Tongues outThere’s all this talk of being a “present” parent, and I totally get what that means and how it’s so easy to lose touch with that commitment. Last weekend, I was busy! I worked Friday night, Luke and I were at a birthday dinner party Saturday night, and I worked and we went to see a show with Luke Sunday night. In the midst of all of that, our house was in shambles due to home renovation. I spent much of my “down time” painting and working on finishing up house projects. And, of course there were all of those errands I ran!

With all of that said, I wasn’t a 100% committed mommy. I don’t love letting TV and iPads parent my child and I don’t do it often. But, this particular weekend, Charlotte got her fill of Elmo, The Little Mermaid and even Wreck-It Ralph. Come Monday morning, I could tell my little lady was missing my undivided attention.

After a fussy drop-off at daycare, my mind was often with my little girlie – planning the evening I would spend utterly giving Charlotte the attention she maybe didn’t get from me enough over the weekend. I picked her up from school. We sang songs the whole way home! She loves “Doggy in the Window”, “B-I-N-G-O” and of course, “Old McDonald.”

She is always asking to “help” in the kitchen, so I made sure to set her up at the kitchen sink with dishes and water and things to stir with. We then ate tacos all together as a family.

Playing blocks 1Playing blocks2Luke left around 6:45 to go to an ISU basketball game and then I was thrilled to have a girls’ night:) We colored with markers and she named each one – her favorite is yellow. We played with blocks and then worked together to put them away. She’s getting to be such a big girl!

Reading booksWe sat and read books. I “flew” her up in the air. I helped her do somersaults. We certainly did lots of snuggling. And, we got to FaceTime with Grammy and Grandpa, and our friends Henry and Annabel.

I didn’t look at my phone or turn the TV on once, and I didn’t do any housework. Little Char had my undivided attention, as should be!

IMG_7952She had so much fun having her mommy back in full force that, well… she would NOT go to bed. Ha. But, she did eventually. Sometimes guilt gets the best of us mommies, but really it wasn’t guilt that made me refocus on my daughter. Truly, I just missed her!

I mean - how could you NOT miss this naughty little face?

I mean – how could you NOT miss this naughty little face?


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