Violet’s Fourth Month

Our sweet girl Violet’s personality really started to shine through in her fourth month.

She started smiling and giggling more, and started really laughing when tickled under her chin. Check out her first giggles in this video (October 16)! She’s pretty close to sitting up and loves to “stand” with help. Violet also gets so excited and kicks her legs and wiggles when Mommy walks into the room! Violet has started grabbing onto things and talking more. She is just the happiest baby.

Violet became a thumb sucker, except she doesn’t make a fist when she does it – she sprawls her entire hand out over her face. It’s the cutest. Her thumb has helped her become a self-soother at night or nap time. She’s also become really drooly, so we think she might get a tooth soon. Violet is a great sleeper at night; she typically is sleeping from 7:30 p.m. to 6 a.m. Some days at daycare she will nap a total of 5-6 hours! They say she’s the sleepiest baby they’ve ever had. I think she gets that from me. Naps are the bomb.

Other than sleeping, here’s what Violet Belle was up to in her fourth month:

On October 8, she got to meet her new cousin Gunner who was born September 30. We visited with family and then headed to the Harvest Barn with Grandma Mel, Aunt Haley and cousin Dallas. Charlotte and Dallas ran around like wild children, but Violet pretty much just slept (noticing a theme here?).

October 14, Violet had her first successful at-home babysitting situation. With a few weeks of daycare bottle practice under her belt, she was just fine taking bottles for our babysitters Mollie and Kaydin while Mom and Dad went to Ames for the Cyclone football game. All the ladies seemed to have fun.

We visited the Evans farm on October 21. It wasn’t very nice outside, but the cousins all got to show off their Halloween costumes (except Violet – she was… sleeping!).

Football season brought Grandma Mel to our house as well on the 28th to watch the girls while we went to the ISU game. They all had a blast; Violet reallllly loves Grandma Mel.

Miss Violet was a unicorn for her first Halloween just like her sister Charlotte. This year though, Char was Black Widow from The Avengers. It was a cold and windy Beggars’ Night, so Violet and I handed out candy while the gingers went trick-or-treating.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Another month of Violet’s first year went by in a blur of snuggles and smiles. Love our sweet girl:)



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