Violet’s Fifth Month

five months oldViolet became a bit of a jabberbox in her fifth month, making all kinds of squeals and noises. She smiles a lot and seems close to sitting up on her own.

She’s still sucking her thumb and that means she continues to sleep through the night – woohoo! And, she’s super happy when she wakes up in the morning. She’s also really liking toys lately. She doesn’t have any teeth yet, but with all the drool we’ve been seeing, we don’t think that milestone is far away.

She absolutely loathes getting clothes put on! Seriously, she screams the entire time. We also tried starting Violet on some oatmeal this month (several times) and that made her angry, too. She loves milk but is currently not digging baby food. So, other than clothes and baby food, she is literally happy all the time, especially in the company of her sister. She loves Charlotte so much. And, Charlotte loves to show her toys and read her books.

At her four-month well check (we were a bit behind), she weighed 15 pounds, 6 ounces and was 25 inches long. She also loved the doctor; she smiled and giggled at her throughout the whole appointment.

Here’s what else Violet was up to in month five:

Okay, so November started off rocky for Violet. She and Charlotte both had yucky stomach bugs. And… (I cringe as I type this), I cut the tip of her thumb while clipping her nails!!! The poor girl was in so much pain. Oh, it hurt my heart so much. We put a bandage and a sock over it for about it week so she wouldn’t suck on it and hurt herself.

Grammy Su came to hang out for a couple of days so we could go to a Foo Fighters concert and an ISU football game. Violet wasn’t the easiest baby at bedtime, but she was good for Grammy the next day, thank goodness!

daycare cutie

According to her daycare teachers, Violet is their favorite baby. Maybe they tell all the parents that, but I can see why they would like her – she eats a lot and takes a ton of naps! Oh, and those chubby cheeks!

We also visited our friends the Knaacks. We don’t get out much with two kids so this was fun to see how Violet would do out and about. She did great, and they treated us to some delish dinner!

Violet had her first Thanksgiving. We traveled to Luke’s extended family dinner in northern Iowa. She was dressed in the same pink dress her sister wore to her first Thanksgiving. Violet was a hit with everyone and even took a nap in a side room at the venue center. Many of the family members had not met her yet, but she charmed them all.

We visited more new friends to watch the Cyclones play on TV with the Fiderlick family. It was unseasonably warm too, so we got to enjoy the crisp fall air by a fire.

Violet got to spend an afternoon snuggling her Uncle Chris and Aunt Joy while we took Charlotte to Disney On Ice. She did great for them – no complaints on either end!

We’ve really started to hear big giggles from her. The biggest yet came from tickling her with a puppet. Check it out!

That was month five. Time is truly flying with Miss Vi. Her cheeks, snuggles and giggles are the gifts that keep on giving, and we can’t wait to see what her tricks will be in the months to come.

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