Charlotte, My 4-Year-Old!

char four years

Even though I see you grow each and every day, still nothing ever prepares me for your next jump to a higher number. You just turned four, and I’m still in a cloud of disbelief. Weren’t you just born?! Oh well – such is the life of a parent. I’m so proud of the little four-year-old you are now, and the past year has been just as fun and full of milestones as those before. Here are some fun facts about our favorite four-year-old:

1) You are not a toddler anymore. I can’t deny that you are truly becoming a big kid now. You know so much, most of which you learn at your amazing preschool. You love to share the things you have learned, and you love coming up with new thoughts and ideas as well. Your imagination is impressive. You crack us up when you tell stories starting with “When I was a baby…” or “When I was little…”. In addition to that big ol’ brain of yours, you’re physically a big kid, too. At your four-year-old well check-up, you measured in the 98th percentile for height. You are long and lean just like Daddy. It’s a good thing you prefer dresses and skirts, because we may never be able to keep you in pants long enough to cover your ankles. And, one last sign that you’re becoming a big kid is that you already have career goals; you’re set on a combination librarian-hairstylist-teacher right now.

2) You are (usually) very polite. I’m a big believer in please and thank you, and just treating people how you would want to be treated. I like to think Daddy and I have passed some of those manners on to you. You’re usually very good at asking for things with a ‘please’ and thanking people when they pay you a compliment or give you something. I’ve also overhead you compliment people’s outfits, toys and puppies. It warms my heart that you don’t hold back on those compliments. One day at the park I whispered in her ear, “You are so beautiful”. You whispered back in my ear, “You are really good at taking people places”. I’ll take it!

3) You take part in extra-curriculars. Some may say three was too early to start you in extra-curricular activities, and some days I would have agreed with them! But, we live in a community which starts kiddos very early in sports and activities, and quite frankly some of the programs were too good to pass up. So for the full school-year, you were in “Creative Movement” dance class, and you really seemed to love it (other than one month about half-way through where you refused to participate). Ha. I totally get it, kiddo. But, you rallied and made it to your May dance recital which was the sweetest thing ever. Mommy totally shed some tears there. You and Mommy also made some new friends, so that’s good too! Shortly after dance ended, you started seven weeks of soccer. You loved it from the very beginning, and played with your soccer ball “Bob” the entire first weekend we had him. It was fun to see you morph from tutu to shin guards. The first half of soccer sessions were fun games and skill-building exercise which you loved where everyone had their own balls. But once you got to the game portions you never lasted long because “Mom – they’re not sharing the ball.” I think it’s safe to say #2 above may hold back the aggressive athlete portion of your life, but we’ll work on it. Soccer is over, but you are holding strong in a summer gymnastics program and swimming lessons. I think these two may be your favorite yet. It’s so exciting to see you fly through the air in gymnastics and splash while laughing your head off at swimming lessons. Now you just need to pick your favorites so we aren’t in TOO much stuff going forward!

4) You are becoming more and more independent. You have had a “me do” attitude since a very young age, and it’s only getting stronger, which is great since you have a baby sister due to arrive at any moment! You prefer to dress yourself in the mornings, and you would much rather comb your own hair than have me do it. You have also figured out how to get into the meat drawer in the fridge, and we often find you roaming the house eating pepperoni from the bag. You are your father’s daughter.

5) You are a chatterbox! You were an early talker, and you’ve always had a great vocabulary, but at four you are a little woman of many words. Some days there are so many that you rush to get them out and hardly have the air to do it. You’ll drop words like “imaginary” or “chemistry” or “aluminum” and my jaw falls. The best thing about that is you know what they mean and how to use them! I love that we can have girlfriend conversations about our days. We like to ask you at the end of each day “what was your favorite part of your day?”, “what was your least favorite part of your day?” and “what questions do you have about your day?” The responses to these questions are often the favorite parts of MY day.

6) You talk to strangers. Okay, that may seem alarming, but it’s not as bad as it seems. We’ve had some stranger danger and boundaries talks. But, we’ve also talked about how it’s fine and even nice to talk to people we don’t know when we are with our parents. You love talking to people – anyone, anywhere. Grandma Melody tells me I was the same way at your age. Your filter hasn’t grown in yet, which makes this even funnier. One day at the store, we had an older, bearded gentleman as our cashier. You smiled at him and said, “Hello, old man”. We got to have a talk about age and nicer ways to say hello. Next time we saw him, you greeted him with “Hello, friend”. Much better! You also randomly walk up to other kiddos and immediately tell them your name and ask for theirs. Not all of them are so eager with the convo, but I love that you are!

7) You’re all about your books and shows. We as parents have a bit of a weakness we are working on; we often cave to your continuous pleas for electronics. You often say “Can I watch something on your phone?” when I pick you up from preschool – before we even get in the car. You love movies, shows on “Nexflix” and all sorts of videos on YouTube. You especially love music videos. It’s adorable that you know all the words to several 80s pop hits. We try to limit how much time you spend watching shows, but we do allow it sometimes. Your faves right now are Moana, Hotel Transylvania 2 and any Scooby Doo cartoon. Luckily, for your brain’s sake – you love books just as much as TV/movies. You love going to the library and picking out basically every book they have! You will sit for a long time on the deck “reading” to yourself, and you would stay awake at bedtime for 100 books if Daddy and I could stay awake that long. Your faves right now are the pidgeon books/anything by Mo Willems!

8) You play by yourself. For the longest time, I wasn’t sure you would ever play by yourself, but you are starting to do so, and it’s great to see. Your imagination is amazing! Whether you’re playing with your new favorite toys – Shopkins – or sticking panty liners to your dolls as their diapers (yep – that happens), or making your trolls toys talk to each other, you truly go into your own world of fantasy. You also love painting pictures, playing dress-up, singing into your microphone, science experiments and “decorating” the house with ribbons and streamer. I can’t wait until your sister is born and you have a playmate for life!

9) You’re a cute little chef. You’ve been cooking with us for quite some time now, and you really love it! You’ve been an expert egg cracker for nearly a year now – something many adults aren’t even great at. You love to ask, “what are the ingrediANTS?” We make energy balls together, bake cupcakes and more. When we actually agree to make your favorite – macaroni and cheese with hot dogs – you insist on making the macaroni all by yourself! You also come up with recipes. You like to make “vegetable soup” from the veggies you and Dad pick in the garden, and you also like to make “Fruit Loops pie” which consists of the fruity cereal, marshmallows and graham crackers. Perhaps someday you’ll have your own cooking show.

10) You are a tiny comedian. Your Daddy is really funny, and I’ve been known to tell a joke or two, so it’s no surprise that you have a knack for comedy. You like to make up jokes and then you laugh maniacally at them! We don’t always get the punch line, but just seeing you laugh is funny enough for us. Unfortunately, you’ve also recently worked some potty words into your routine. I swear you say some version of the word “poop” at least 50 time a day. I hope you’ll outgrow that by the time I write your five-year-old post.

11) You’re going to be a big sister! You have been our whole world for the last four years. It’s been the most rewarding experience of my life. And, any day now you will be sharing that world with a tiny new little person. You have been excited about this prospect once we determined the baby was not a boy. I’m not sure why, but you were quite opposed to the thought of gaining a brother. Ha. I blame the movie Frozen. Alas, soon we will meet your new sister. You’re already determined to change all her diapers and feed her milk (although Mom may need to do the latter for a while anyway). I’m so excited to see you love her and for you to finally have a sibling!

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Born on June 11, those are the top 11 facts about our Miss Charlotte at age four. We just had your well check and you remain very tall for your age. You are in the 98th percentile for height! You definitely take after Daddy. You are smart as a whip, a tad on the dramatic side, creative, funny and loving. I couldn’t ask for anything more in a daughter. We love you to the moon and back. Cheers (with juice, of course) to the next 365 days of you!



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