A Very Mary Poppins Birthday Party

Months before my daughter turned three, she became infatuated with the film Mary Poppins. So, it only made sense that she was excited about the possibility of a very Mary Poppins birthday party. It was so much fun to put this party together – it was all DIY. You can do it too!


The Hat
Well before I got into the bulk of party planning, I decided my kiddo needed a special Mary Poppins hat to wear to her party. Here’s what you need to make the hat:

  • Small black hat (I used a small clip-on hat that already had ribbons and feathers.)
  • Fake flowers
  • Fake berries or craft spheres
  • Scissors and hot glue gun

This hat is certainly not exactly like the one in the movie, but I basically hot-glued fake flowers and small red craft spheres in patterns around the brim of the hat. She wanted to wear it everywhere we went!

Outside Decorations
We didn’t go too overboard on outside decorations, but I did freehand a penguin waiter to welcome the guests in and create a “17 Cherry Tree Lane” address sign. All you need is poster board and markers! Of course, that’s where Jane and Michael live in the story of Mary Poppins. If you aren’t great at drawing, you could always order signs.


Inside Decorations
The indoor decorations were pretty low-key as well. I found paper lanterns, fun “magical” star tinsel, table cloths and tiny yellow vases as the dollar store. I got some fresh roses for the vases. For the DIY portion, I cut out Mary and Bert silhouettes. I made two kite banners as well. Here’s what you need for those:

  • Twine
  • Construction and/or scrapbook paper (I ran short, so used paper bags as well.)
  • Scissors
  • Hole puncher
  • Marker

I decided I wanted to make a “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” banner and one that said “It’s a Jolly Birthday”, so I counted how many kites I would need. I then separated them out by colors and wrote the letters on them in as much of a pattern as I could. I then punched holes in the side corners of the kites and strung the twine through.

We wanted to keep the food fairly simple, but still make it fun. Read more below!

From L-R: Marshmallow Sweeps, Mary “Poppin-Corn” bagged popcorn, Cheese Umbrellas and the cake. I’ll get to the cake later.mary-poppins-bday-party-3For my Marshmallow Sweeps, I melted black Wilton Candy Melts from the craft store. Marshmallows on sucker sticks then got dipped in the black candy, and edible white pearls topped the cute goodies.mary-poppins-bday-party-4
The Cheese Umbrellas are pretty straightforward. They’re just made of cheese cut into umbrella shapes with cut-up straws inserted into the flat side.mary-poppins-bday-party-10
There’s nothing fancy about the sandwiches and fruit except their names – Spit-Spot Sammies and Admiral Boom’s Cannon Balls.mary-poppins-bday-party-11And, for refreshments, I put out tea (Cherry Tea Lane), water (Barley Water) and limeade (Lime Cordial).

The Cake
Full disclaimer: I spent my high school years decorating cakes at a bakery, so I have a few tricks under my belt. With that said, however, this is a super easy cake anyone can make.
I made three layers – two yellow and one red. I put homemade buttermilk frosting in between each layer. Then, for the exterior, I used a large star tip in a gallon freezer bag to pipe roses/swirls all over the cake. It’s easier than it looks. Just squeeze the bag while making a circle and repeat.mary-poppins-bday-party-2
For the top, I printed a Mary silhouette and skyline on cardstock. I cut Mary out and placed her on the end of a straw to give the illusion of flying. The skylines are cut out and simply placed in the frosting.

It was 90 degrees outside the day of the birthday party, so the majority of the play time was spent in the backyard swimming in the pool and sliding down the water slide.

I had a bin of DIY kites kids could draw on. Sharpies were the only markers that would work on them, so that was nerve-wracking. Ha. I also had stickers for decorating.
IMG_1363 (2).JPGI didn’t get a great picture of it, but I had a bin of musical instruments inviting kids to “Be
a Part of Bert’s Band”.

So, there you have it. That’s my DIY Mary Poppins party. Our special girl and her cousin had a wonderful day of food, fun and presents as they celebrated turning three!


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