You’re Three Years Old!

char threeYou’re three years old. You’re three years old. Wow. I have to say it multiple times to believe it. My little baby just turned three! Time really has flown. Being able to watch you grow into such a big girl each and every day is such an honor. Here’s a little bit about you now at three:

  1. You go to big-kid school (sort of). As soon as you turned three, we were able to start you at a new preschool. We weren’t happy with your daycare before, and this just played out at the right time. You bounce into school in the morning, and you’re spending your days going on field trips on a big-kid bus to fairs, parks, nature centers and more! I even sent your first pencil box full of school supplies. I’m so proud at how you’ve adapted to this amazing new school.
  2. You never wear diapers. You’ve been daytime potty-trained for a year now, but right at three you told me you didn’t want to wear a Pull-Up to bedtime anymore. You’ve surprised me and made it through all but one night without an accident! You’ve ruined potty training for any future kiddos we have because you were so easy.
  3. You have a mind of your own. Oh. The threenager stage has hit us in full. You have fits over the silliest things and OMG if we don’t give you your way. A humbling time-out is usually enough to bring you out of it, though… usually. You are strong-willed like both of your parents. You also have started to protest when we try to dress you. You have a style of your own already.
  4. You eat more vegetables – more, meaning two. We’ve tried everything we could to get you to eat veggies, and finally you have added two of them to your approved list of foods. You eat raw baby carrots and sweetcorn! I think you’re going to make it after all.
  5. You are so creative. You pretend and tell stories. You have conversations with your baby dolls, your stuffed animals and of course, our old cat Nitro. I love to see what’s going on in your sweet little mind come out in the form of play. You also draw and paint actual objects and explain what they are. Just tonight you painted a “picnic basket” for me.
  6. You have friends. You’ve always had little friends around you, but at this age you interact with them more. You constantly demand to go to “Evie’s house” which is your new little neighbor friend down the street. You two jabber and play, and it’s adorable. You tell me about friends at school. And, when your cousins come to play, I always have to laugh when you lead them to the next activity and say, “come on guys!” You love Facetiming with Gabby and Faith, and playing with Kaydin, and Henry and Annabel.
  7. You are giant! At your three-year-old well visit, you weighed in at more than 34 pounds and you are 3′ 4″ tall. You’re still in the 90th-plus percentile for height and 80th-plus for weight. Tall and skinny like Daddy. You wear 4T clothes and size 8 Toddler shoes. Slow it down, girlfriend!
  8. You will not go to bed! You are just too full of life for bedtime these days. It takes at least one hour every night to read approximately one million books, go potty twice, brush your teeth, answer questions, scare away monsters and threaten to shut your door 10-20 times. Someday you’ll appreciate sleep:) I promise.
  9. You have no fear. I hope you always live as boldly as you do now. You don’t shy away from water. You hopped right on the pony rides at a recent event. You love to run and jump and check things out. I can’t think of anything you seem to be afraid of… except maybe bedtime. Ha.
  10. You are so smart. Really – you always have been. But at three, it’s so fun to see and hear all the things you learn and know. You love to show off your counting skills – both in English and in Spanish. You tell full stories with long words. You understand so much more. We have real-life conversations, and I love it. You like to pretend you are the teacher as you teach us things, too.
  11. You are kind. Even in a time of your life where the stubbornness and tantrums can be painful for Mom and Dad, we can still see how kind-hearted you are. William’s mom told me you would always help him put his shoes on when you were in the same daycare. You bring me things and say, “Mom, this is for you”. Just the other day you gave Evie one of the rings you got at the art festival. And, I can tell by your frowny, thoughtful face when you see someone being mean in a movie, that you are learning the difference between right and wrong. Never change.


I always say every age and stage is my favorite, but I’ll admit – three is a little challenging at times. I see glimpses of the drama we’ll likely witness in your early teen years. But, you are our world. Nothing makes me happier than to see you happy and growing and changing and learning. Happy third birthday, my sweet girl! I love our adventures together more and more each day:)


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