Charlotte 18-24 Months

two year old

Photo by {Captured by Heidi}

Here’s what our sweet Charlotte was learning and doing earlier this year from 18 months old up until she turned two!

Christmas dress


  • Char has said four “sentences”
    • More bacon.
    • Hi, Dadda.
    • I luh-u.
    • Go way, plee (to Nitro).
  • She loves playing dress-up with any and everything she can find, including Dad’s shoes and slippers.
  • Loves babies and pretending to feed them.
  • Says please and thanks when prompted.
  • Says ‘all done’ at the end of meals, baths and nose blowing.
  • Char can identify certain colors verbally.
char snow


  • She loves to dip things in sour cream and just eat it plain.
  • She pretends to be a kitty and likes it when I pretend the cats are babies. She crawls around and meows as “Kitty Charlotte”.
  • Char started pushing her bottom lip out when pouting.
  • Char is very into “helping” in the kitchen right now. She likes to play in the water at the sink, stir things and organize dishes. She stands on a chair to “hep”.
  • She likes to dump all her blocks out and wear the bag on her head and look at us through the window. Sounds safe, right?
  • Charlotte carried around her leopard print blankie one day, taking naps throughout the house. She also covered Nitro and Mom with the blankie so we could take naps.
  • She does “Row Row” on our laps going back and forth while we sing Row, Row, Row Your Boat.
  • I got her a microphone, and when I first gave it to her, she put it to her mouth and started singing “Old McDonald” and then she was singing “Let It Go” by singing “leh gooooo”.
  • She has a big belly – it’s so cute!
  • Char says “burr, cold, snow”.
  • Dunks her basketball
  • She will get everything necessary from her diaper bag to change her baby doll:)


  • She’s getting to where she doesn’t seem to tolerate being in her carseat as much as she used to.
  • Charlotte walks up all the big stairs at daycare.
  • Charlotte goes pee and poop in the potty, although we’ve got to get daycare on board more to get her fully potty-trained.
  • Charlotte loves to sing and dance and spin in circles.
  •  She loves to play dress-up with anything close by – my beach hat, dad’s shoes, etc.
  • She loves to cover up her babies with washcloths and blankets. She doesn’t really sleep without a baby at night anymore.
  • She likes me to pretend to rock Nitro the Cat and put him to “nigh-night”.
  • She likes to “boun” on her bed and our bed.
  • She tries to jump and it’s hilarious.
  • She still likes Elmo and now also watches Curious George (aht-aht) and Daniel Tiger (roar) on IPTV in the mornings.
  • Char loves and begs for “meh-maid” (The Little Mermaid).
  • She loves to make you a drink or food item in her kitchen and bring it to you.
  • Loves mini marshmallows and M&Ms.
  • Gets put in Time Out for eating crayons.


  • I got Char a new pair of sparkly purple sneakers and I put them on her and she immediately started twirling in circles with her arms out:)
  • She’s started her new jabbering – no idea what she’s saying. She’s definitely got her own language going on.
  • She’s started to wake up for 30 minutes to 2 hours at night lately. What?!
  • She held my hand the whole time we watched Cinder-Elmo.
  • Miss Emmy at daycare told me that Charlotte is “their best one”. She listens and sits quietly when the others won’t, and she’s almost potty trained!
  • Her vocabulary has also just taken off. She can pretty much say any word you throw at her.
  • She loves to wear her “mermaid” pants, or Pull-Ups.
  • Char has taken to blowing raspberries on our bellies – loudly and wetly!
  • Charlotte says “I Lub You” very clearly these days.
  • Charlotte seems pretty fearless on the playground. She just goes for it!
  • She loves to say “Hi, Dadda” and “Hi, Mama” and wave from across the room.
  • She’s getting better with the fork and spoon, but still prefers to use her hands.
  • She loves fruit smoothies and popcorn.


  • She loves to declare “I did it!”
  • Cute story: Char was begging for “Issa” at bed time. It took me a while to figure out she was saying “Elsa”. She wanted to read her Elsa book. So we read it a few times. She kept repeating “snowman”. Then she started chanting “yat-go”. I could NOT figure it out. It was “Let It Go”! Then I sang the song and so did she. So cute!


  • She could count to 14!
  • She says “excuse me” to her babies, the cats, etc.
  • She pretends. This is just the most heart-melting thing to see for the first time.
  • She gives slobbery puppy kisses – i.e., she licks your face:)
  • She says “bless you” when you sneeze.
  • She also has patted my face and asked me if I was “sweepy” when I was yawning.
Photo by {Captured by Heidi}

Photo by {Captured by Heidi}


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