18 Things At 18 Months


Miss Charlotte is now 18 months old… or, if you really want to break my heart… you could say she’s one and a half!

She weighs 25 pounds and 14 ounces and is in the 84th percentile for weight. She is now 33 1/4 inches and is in the 85th percentile for height. She was sure to check out the doctor’s heart with her stethoscope during her appointment:)


Here’s a list of 18 things about our sweet ginger baby at the ripe old age of 18 months:

  1. She’s a talker! It seems like every day she knows more words and understands more of what we tell her and ask her. She says her own name as “Charlotte” or “Char-Char”. She will say please (peas) and thanks (thay) when prompted. She says all the colors and can usually identify them. She’s good at telling us “all done” and thankfully she doesn’t overuse the word “no” (yet). She knows more animal noises than I knew existed. She’s my first baby, so I don’t have much to compare her to, but she’s probably got about 100 words in her vocabulary. And, she mimics a lot. Time to watch our swears!
  2. She loves babies! When we see real ones in public or at functions, it’s like the rest of the world stopped existing and she says “baby” on repeat. She also has had a favorite little baby she’s carried around with her for about three months now that she loves. But, she got three new babies for Christmas (with bottles!), and I’m afraid there might be a new favorite – we’ll call it doll sibling rivalry. Oh, and even though she has bottles for them, she still feeds them from her toy Subway mustard bottle sometimes.
  3. The child will NOT eat vegetables. I don’t know what to do other than to keep trying. She has a sweet tooth like her mom, and loves bread and cheese like her dad. Luckily she loves fruit to make up for her lack of veggies. Frozen blueberries are her very favorite these days. And, she still loves her three servings of whole milk every day.
  4. Books are a staple in her daily life. We read them in the morning, afternoon and bedtime! Her favorites include anything with Elmo, Shark in the Park, Snuggle Puppy, The Color Kittens (a beaten up Golden book from my childhood) and The Going to Bed Book. She loves to bring me a stack of books and then slowly back up to my lap and plop down. I’m so glad she already knows the importance of literacy. Or… maybe she just likes the pictures. Ha.
  5. Speaking of Elmo… Charlotte is obsessed! I’m not sure if it started at her school, or if it was the Elmo songbook Grandma Melody got her, but it’s grown to unhealthy levels. Just as much as she begs for books, Charlotte begs for “Elmo”. Occasionally I cave, and bring it up on the iPad or Netflix. Luke rolls his eyes and calls me soft. But, hey – at least Sesame Street is educational, right? Right? She now has lots of Elmo books and Elmo toys as well, so I can often drive her away from the glowing screen to the toys and books.
  6. Charlotte has always been a good sleeper, however, we had some weird sleeping patches with her between 12 and 18 months. I think her teeth were waking her up. But, these days, she is so great at going to bed and staying asleep! She actually seems happy to go to sleep most nights. She rolls over with her baby, smiles and does what we call a “fish flop”… after we’ve read three books, minimum. She usually naps for two hours after lunch and then sleeps from 8-7:30 overnight. You can imagine how we parents appreciate this!
  7. She started walking when she was about 13 1/2 months old. She went from three steps overnight to 50! It kind of blew our minds. She has maybe the funniest gait I’ve ever seen. She twists her hips and swings her arms like she’s rocking a tiny little runway. Ha! She loves to run and get chased, and boy is she fast.
  8. Her best friends are us of course, Nitro the cat, Henry at daycare and all of her fun cousins! She and Nitro snuggle and play, and sometimes there are mutual smacks delivered. She would love to play with Pickles (or, Popples as she calls him), but he is our anti-social kitty.
  9. She is a girly-girl! As I said, she loves baby dolls. She also loves all things clothes, shoes and accessories! She loves to play dress-up in tutus, my scarves, our shoes, necklaces and so on. She also loves purses. She stole one from her Aunt Joy this summer and has yet to give it back:) I am not training a girly-girl, per se. I buy a broad spectrum of toys, try to fend off Disney princesses, and tell her she’s smart and strong as often as I tell her she’s pretty. But, this is who she is, and we shall embrace it! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, I suppose.
  10. She loves giving and receiving tickles. She says “tickle-tickle” as she pinches at you. It is the cutest!
  11. She loves cats, and loves seeing and naming all types of animals. She gets very excited when she sees the neighbor’s tiny dog walking down the street. She giggles and runs to the dog. But, once they’re eye-to-eye, she gets scared and runs away. Hopefully, she’ll get over that. Or, maybe it’s a good lesson. I don’t know. Needless to say, she enjoys books and movies with animals!
  12. She’s got a whole set of teeth. It’s very scary to count them, but I’m pretty sure all she’s missing are a couple of late molars and the bottom two incisors (which I can see a glimpse of). I’m just glad that after a few months of biting someone at daycare pretty much on a weekly basis, that she’s done with that. Sorry, other parents!


    Look at all those teeth!

  13. The girl is very sweet and loving. She has been giving kisses for quite some time now. She gives her standard “mmmmmuah” each time. I’ve been surprised that her kisses aren’t super slobbery. Ha. She also will run full speed at us for “hugs”. She doesn’t use her arms, but it’s still adorable.
  14. Charlotte’s beautiful red hair has grown long and unruly. She yanks her bows and headbands out, so it often ends up in her eyes. But, I do not want to give her baby bangs! I love her hair:)
  15. She loves music! We’re a musical household, so Charlotte’s been exposed to it from the beginning. But, she loves any toy with music, loves to hear us sing/play guitar, loves shows with music and enjoys turning the music on, on our alarm clocks. Here’s a fun video of her enjoying some music with Grandpa Curt.
  16. Speaking of music… she LOVES to dance! She’s been dancing since before she could crawl. She went through a tiny twerking phase, which I’m glad has passed. But, she still swings her hips and waves her hands in the air which brings her (and us) great delight. Check out her tutu dance video!
  17. She’s getting quite independent. She’ll put on her stocking hat and she’ll take OFF her socks. She also picks up toys when asked. She’s also getting good at playing on her own when Luke and I are busy. We, of course, live to entertain her, but sometimes you have chores to do:) She will sit at her table and play with her tea set, do a puzzle, hit buttons on toys, cruise around on her little car and push her babies in the shopping cart. This new found independence also means we see a tantrum from time to time.
  18. She is still the best thing to happen to us! While we miss the sleepy little baby who would rest on our chests for hours, we are so happy to see how she grows and develops each day. I can’t believe it’s been 18 months since she got here! But, I can believe that she is a smart, sweet, silly little girl who has stolen my heart forever:)

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