DIY Canvas Nursery Art

The second of my DIY nursery projects was to create two custom canvases I painted to go with my owl/flower nursery theme. This was very easy to do. The thing to keep in mind is that, this is art for a BABY!!! It doesn’t have to be perfect… just fun:) Here’s what I created.


  • 2 canvases
  • Paint – I used some of the same wall paint I used on my wall mural and then just cheap acrylic paint for accenting.
  • Paintbrushes
  • Painters tape

 1) First I drew out what I was planning to paint on a small piece of paper. Then, I sketched it on my canvas lightly in pencil. I also knew I wanted to have a portion of the painting separate and with a different background color, so I blocked that off with painters tape. If drawing isn’t your thing – use stencils!


2) Next, I painted the main background purple. While the purple was still wet, I used white to paint in swirls. Since it was still wet, it blended nicely.



3) Once the background was done, I went on to paint in the subject – in this case it was a flower.

pic54) When the main part of the painting was dry, I moved the painters tape down to the edge of the white area. Then, I painted the white area green and painted a word onto it – “Grow”.



5) I followed the same process on my second canvas – an owl with the word “Wise”.

finished product

And… this was the finished product, all nicely arranged on the nursery wall. Check out my future blog post to see how this project and my owl tree wall mural came together with an overview of the entire nursery!


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