DIY Tree Mural and Owls for Nursery

When I was pregnant, I searched and searched for nursery decorations, and just never found what I wanted (at least that was not ridiculously priced). So, I decided to tackle the decorating myself.

I knew I wanted to have owls in the nursery, and what better place to put them than in a tree? After pinning (Pinterest) and printing off my favorite decals and paintings from other baby rooms, I conjured up a look in my head.


  • pencil
  • paint brushes
  • wall paint or some other “sturdy” paint
  • contact paper
  • polyurethane spray

1) I drew the tree on paper until I had the look I wanted. Then, I drew it on the wall with pencil.


2) I then used white wall paint to paint it. It took three coats and I had to do some of it on a step stool, but it turned out great.




3) I then added just a few leaves on each branch with green wall paint. The green was a sample size I bought at Sherwin Williams for about $6. I knew I wouldn’t need a ton, so this was perfect.


4) To be honest, painting the tree up high and on a step stool was grueling for an eight month or so pregnant lady. So, I decided that painting detailed owls directly onto the wall wasn’t in the cards. Instead, I did some research online and found a great video on YouTube to see what other options I had. I came across an idea to paint onto contact paper and stick it to the wall! So, I found owls online, printed them in a couple of sizes, cut them out and traced the shapes onto contact paper. Then I painted the owls from the comfort of my couch:) I also used wall paint samples for the colors of the owls and some random ceramic paint I had. I sprayed them with polyurethane to seal.




5) And, it was so easy to just peel off the adhesive and stick them on the wall.



So, there you have it. The tree mural and owls took me maybe 6-8 hours total to complete. If I had to guess, I’d say it cost maybe $30 for supplies. Not too shabby, I’d say:) And, now that Charlotte is one, she loves to point at the owls and have us count them.





Stay tuned for the next blog about some paintings I created to go with the theme. And, I’ll have a final blog with photos of the entire room as well.


2 thoughts on “DIY Tree Mural and Owls for Nursery

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