Charlotte’s First Birthday – June 11


Charlotte Layna turned one on June 11th. It seems next to impossible that our little 8-pound newborn is now a 22-pound toddler!!! I’ll post about her birthday party soon, but here’s a quick brief of what her actually birthday was like:)

Luke and I, of course, woke her up that morning by singing “Happy Birthday”! She loved it:) I wish I could have spent the day with her, but I had a press run around town for the show WE WILL ROCK YOU.

But, her fantastic teachers at school had all kinds of plans for her when we got there! They had made a big birthday banner for her, and popped a fun crown on her head.

IMG_0958 IMG_0963

They also gave her adorable presents – a top and pants outfit, a poofy dress and a little tiara ring (because they say she’s their princess).

IMG_0950 IMG_0954

I totally was not expecting presents from them, but I was very touched! I couldn’t even read all that they had written in her card because I was tearing up.


After work, she played in her little swimming pool. And, our neighbor Cynthia brought over a very nice new “Violet” laptop for her, which became attached to her hand for the next few days.

IMG_0981 IMG_0975 IMG_0978 IMG_0976 I made her favorite dinner – lasagna – and she devoured it like usual.


Then, we gave her some of her presents. She got some pool floaties, a shape sorter barn and… a big girl chair JUST LIKE DADDY’S! She just thought that chair was the coolest thing ever. She was climbing all over it. And, she ONLY fell off and bumped her head three times! Ha.

So, that was this lady’s birthday.


Later that week, we had her joint birthday party with Cousin Connor. Stay tuned for pics from that!


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