Charlotte at 1 Year

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Well, our little lady just wrapped up 12 months on Earth! Yep – she’s one!!! We can’t even believe it. Time has flown so fast. It truly has been the best year ever! Charlotte has changed our lives in ways I can’t even put into words. In the last month of her first year, she:

  • is still going strong on the mama, dada, nana, nay nay, baba. She says a version of “kitty”. Luke swears she said diaper the other day. And, I thought I heard her say “Char-Char”.
  • gets super snuggly. She will crawl all over me if I lay on the floor. She is so silly – she’ll even kiss my ear and my eyelids, and then laugh about it. Too funny!
  • stabbed pasta with her fork and ate it. That’s the first time she’s successful eaten her food like that.
  • can stand on her own for a few seconds.
  • will take a few steps while pushing her baby stroller/walker.
  • “kisses” us on our lips. It is the sweetest, most adorable thing she has done yet to date.
  • will catch kisses thrown to her and she’s getting close to throwing them back.
  • crawls the normal way finally! Her one knee up, one knee down strategy has gone away.
  • has started climbing in and out of the bathtub, which is scaring me like crazy! She also likes to launch herself from one end of the tub to the other. She stands, grabs stuff off the shelves, eats her washcloth and just has a dandy time.
  • loves to clean things with washcloths – especially the floor.
  • likes to push things around in front of her on the floor, like dining room chairs, footstools and TV trays.
  • will grab a book and crawl one-handed to you and hand the book to you to read it to her. She loooooves books and reading!
  • is still best friends with our cat Nitro – video evidence:)

Here are some things Charlotte did in late May/Early June.

Butterfly pot

At day care, she made me a sweet footprint coffee mug with accompanying poem for Mother’s Day (my first). Then at home, we made pots for Grandma Mel and Grammy Su.

Later in the day, we took a long walk and stopped for her first trip to a park!

In mid-May, I went to New York for work, and Charlotte had Daddy Week. She stayed home with him and he did great as a single dad for the week:) And, he did his duty of sending me cute pics of her, too (above). The top pictures was titled “Baby Conan” when he sent me that via text message.

Char had her one-year photo shoot, complete with a cake to smash. She did great for the non-cake pictures, and then devoured her cake for those shots. It even started raining and she didn’t notice she was so into the cake. I had to pull her away from the cake to get her out of the rain and she cried because she didn’t want to leave the cake!

At the end of May, poor Char had to have ear tubes put in. She’s had five plus nasty ear infections in her young life, so we just had to do something, as the previous one was NOT going away. We went in at 7:15 a.m. and the nurse took her away at about 8:40. She was charming everyone of the workers, and she was having fun exploring the surgery center. She had anesthesia and the procedure took about five minutes. She was crying a little when we got to the recovery room. But as soon as I held her, she was fine. She sucked down a bottle and ate some puffs and all was fine. We headed home shortly after that and she was talking on the car ride. We got home at about 9:45. She was playing and cruising all over the place the rest of the day – lots of smiles and having fun. You can tell she’s feeling great! There was some blood in her ear, but that’s normal. We even played outside with water in some bowls – she loved it (video). It’s amazing how something so life-changing can be so quick and how the recovery is so short. Here’s to hoping all goes well, that the tubes keeping doing their job and fall out in a few years with no bad side effects:)

The Saturday before Memorial Day, Charlotte went on a long walk with with Dad while Mom ran the Run or Dye 5K. We had a yummy patio lunch at La Mie. Charlotte did great/ate great, but stared at the people next to us the whole time. Ha. Later that night, our friend Kaydin stayed with us for a couple of hours. We grilled out and ate dinner outside. Kaydin kept saying “Oh, she’s so cute!” “Her feet are so little!” It was sweet. She helped keep her entertained in the bath tub, too.

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IMG_2553 IMG_2556 IMG_2555 IMG_2554
The day before Memorial Day, we went to Merle Hay Mall and did some Charlotte clothes shopping. She ate stromboli, pho and egg roll from the food court. That night, the Sands (Luke’s sister and family) came over. We grilled out and played. Charlotte kept yelling “nay nay nay”. She also kept trying to steal Connor’s bottle. Cousin Lea entertained her pretty well. At one point, Charlotte handed her a “helicopter” from the neighbors Maple tree. She’s so kind – ha.

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On Memorial Day, we went to the Blank Park Zoo. Charlotte was so fascinated by the animals. She would point at all of them and just had a very quizical look on her face the whole time. She really liked the birds and the wallaby. She did NOT want to pet the animals in the petting zoo, though. She was so good the whole time! Lots of smiles.

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Grandma Melody was a little sick and in the hospital, so we visited her and gave her get well snuggles. The next weekend, we visited again when she was home and feeling much better! We had lots of fun playing with friends and family. It was a beautiful day!
We got her a little swimming pool for the yard. She wasn’t too sure about it at first, but she warmed up to the idea pretty quickly (video).

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She got to go the to splash pad/wading pool for the first time, too (video).

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We spent a weekend in Northern Iowa visiting Grammy and Grandpa Evans at their farm. Charlotte got to swing, crawl around the yard, play on the deck with everyone, etc. It was a blast. And, then we cruised to Algona for her new cousin Andrew’s baptism.
More cuteness in the 12th month:

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So, that was Char’s 12th month. Stay tuned to see how she celebrated her big 0-1 birthday:)

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