Charlotte at 11 Months

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Well, our little lady is 11 months old now – just one month shy of her first birthday. Her sweet and silly personality continues to delight us, and we lovingly refer to her as “The Scamp”. In her 11th month, she:

  • went straight from her tummy to sitting up.
  • nursed for the last time on April 15th. She’s now fully a formula baby plus all of the yummy solids she eats.
  • loves to stand/walk with us keeping her steady. She also likes to “walk” as she “pushes” her walker toy. We help and she gets mad when we stop.
  • has decided she doesn’t really like much meat anymore. Perhaps she’ll be a vegetarian – ha.
  • babbles all the time and her favorites are still mama, dada and baba (video).
  • likes to offer you an item and then when you go to accept it, she takes it back.
  • is the sweetest thing still. She loves to snuggle her head into you. And, sometimes she does a cute little “shy away” smile when she first sees people.
  • is still sitting at six teeth (that I can tell – that’s a dangerous zone these days).
  • has a big, adorable belly!
  • smiles and laughs a lot and her tongue is pretty much always out! And, she continues to love clapping (video).
  • has favorite toys: Violet the talking dog, music table, push walker, things that aren’t toys (Vicks rub, bottle of saline spray, etc.).
  • scoots all around (video) and loves to take things off of shelves.
  • gets upset when we take things away.
  • throws her sippy cup on the ground and often feeds the cats from her meal.
  • loves to play with toilet paper in the bathroom, and she splashes so big in the bath that it soaks us!
  • loves lilacs. We have a lilac bush and she loves to hold the flowers and smell them. And… sometimes she tries to eat them, or feed them to Daddy.

Here are some things Charlotte did in late April/Early May.

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On April 13th, Charlotte got a new cousin! Andrew John Murphy was born quite early, so he was a little guy. We visited Andrew in the hospital and also got to see Grammy and Grandpa Evans, Aunt Emily and Aunt Rachel. He is just the sweetest, cutest little bundle. It was weird holding a tiny baby again now that I’m used to lugging around a 20-pounder:) Charlotte, first of all, was a little jealous or something. As soon as I held him, she wanted me so bad. And, then she just wanted to pettttt the babyyyyy! It was so funny. But, seeing as how he’s not a big lazy cat, we thought the petting might be too rough. Everyone but Andrew went out for a nice lunch afterward. He’s such a cutie!

Grandma Mel came to babysit Charlotte so Luke and I could celebrate our seventh wedding anniversary. We went to 801 Chophouse for dinner and then to the Joe Bonamassa concert.

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Charlotte’s first Easter was very fun! Here at home, she was very curious about her Easter basket. She got cute ballet-ish shoes, the move “Frozen”, Puffs and a wind-up hopping bunny. She loves the bunny and takes it everywhere. It makes her giggle. We went to church and then off to my hometown. Charlotte got to eat a yummy Easter meal, see lots of family and enjoy her first Easter egg hunt! And, she swang for the first time and was all smiles (video).

During the Drake Relays, we walked from our house to the track and watched for a few minutes through the fence and then headed back. Charlotte had a great time on our walk. She laughed a lot.

She had a terrible ear infection so bad that it caused her to vomit and have a high fever. It took about five days to start feeling better:( She is shockingly good at taking medicine though. I stayed home from work to take care of her. It was the sickest I had seen her. We were glad when she got better! It’s so true that having a sick kiddo is just the worst thing ever.

Once Charlotte got to feeling better, we visited Grammy and Grandpa Evans’ farm. She slept most of the drive there, so she insisted on staying up way past her bed time. She slept great – with her butt in the air. She got to swing on the big tree swing with Aunt Rach, Grammy and me for the first time. She played in Grammy’s cupboards and she and Grandpa Curt were silly together.

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Charlotte went to breakfast to see some of Mommy’s out-of-town friends at Bakers Square. There was even a baby named Stella there to play with!

She got to visit her first brewery – haha – for Luke’s going away happy hour. He left his job of more than five years in the insurance world. He’s headed to do photographer/website stuff for a luxury car dealer. Exciting!

That same day, she took cards and flowers to her teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week. Those ladies are great:)

More cuteness in the 11th month:

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What a great (almost) year it’s been. More to come in month 12…


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