Charlotte at 10 Months

10 mos 1

10 mos 2Charlotte turned 10 months old on April 11th. That’s just two months shy of being one – wow, time flies! In her tenth month, she:

  • loved looking at pictures on the iPad. When she sees faces, she’ll flip the iPad over checking for people.
  • had her crib lowered. Luke put her in it and we played through the bars and she just thought it was the funniest thing ever! She also liked standing up in the crib. Then she rode daddy like a horse.
  • likes to look at pictures of her cousins in the morning when we’re getting ready. Sometimes she does more than look at them (video).
  • started to pick up combs and try to comb her hair as well as try to put our glasses on her face:)
  • is very close to crawling… I think. Either that, or she just really likes to scoot. She can scoot from the kitchen to the living room, and she scooted across the room at day care. She looks funny with one leg in front and one behind.
  • loves to take every toy out of the toy bin one at a time.
  • was at home with Dad and put a sticker from a Kleenex packet in her mouth right before nap time one day. A couple of hours later, I tried to give her a bottle and she was crying and choking. I started to fish around in her mouth and pulled the sticker out. AH!!!! Scary stuff. Baby-proofing time.
  • had little cupcake shoes on her feet one day. She smiled and touched them. I took them off because they looked too big. She fussed and reached for them. I put them back on and all was right in the world. Just like her mom – shoe lover.
  • loves to dump her Cheerios on the kitchen floor and eat them off of it. My little puppy:) And, she scoots to get to them (video).
  • is still sitting at six teeth, but seems to have more working through.
  • says mama, dada, baba, gaga, nana, etc.
  • loves the guinea pigs at daycare. Her teacher even brought in some toy guinea pigs, but she prefers the real thing.
  • likes to pull the drain cover out in the bathtub off and put it in her mouth. Gross!
  • thinks “Old McDonald” is the best thing in the world! We bounce and tickle during the song.
  • sticks her tongue out and thinks it’s funny.
  • thinks it’s super funny to splash us during her baths.
  • played peekaboo with Nitro the cat (video).
  • loves standing up at her music table and playing with all the bells and whistles with it. She also dances to the music (video).
  • took to playing with two little jars of Tone’s spices. She’d have Dill Weed in one hand and Pumpkin Pie Spice in the other and would shake them. It was the best game ever, it seemed. And, don’t even think of taking them away.
  • looooooves to clap (video)!

Here are some more things Charlotte got to do in March/early April:

In mid-March, we finally got to go on our first walk of the spring! We also went for Char’s first walk on the Greenbelt Trail about a week later.

We drove to Ames and visited the Levorsons. They made homemade pizzas on the grill and Charlotte ate it great. Eli and Rowan shared their toys with Charlotte and everyone had a super fun time. Charlotte tried to pull herself up on the play table, and Rowan crawled for the first time.


Charlotte got to stay home with babysitters Carla and Larry while Mom and Dad laughed like crazy at the Jim Gaffigan show.

We visited Grammy and Grandpa’s farm. On one of the days, Charlotte stayed home and played with Grammy while Mom and Dad visited some places in Mason City. And, she got to see all of her aunts and uncles and cousins!

Charlotte AND Mom were very sick with a tummy bug for a couple of days. Dad stayed home to take care of us the first day, and Mom worked from home the second day so Char could get even better.

The days that Char was able to make it to daycare that week, there were special fun days like Wacky Hair Day, Mismatch Day and more.

Cousins Dallas and Alyssa came up with Grandma Mel and Aunt Niki to go to STUART LITTLE. They came to our house afterward for ice-cream and to play with Charlotte. She thought they were so funny – especially their dancing.


Daycare had its spring picture day and Charlotte wore her Cyclone cheerleader outfit.


We had a gift card to On The Border, so we went for a family date night. This was the first time Charlotte had been out to eat and sat in the restaurant high chair. She was such a big girl. She ate Cheerios, fish tacos and a few black beans. She was so good. She played with/”read” her favorite Clifford book and was generally just happy to be there.


We also had the Koopmans fam over for a cook-out. Annabel, Henry and Charlotte played and ate yummy stuff, and it was nice to have them over – super fun!


I gave her lasagna for the first time and she ate and ate and ate. She almost fell asleep she was eating for so long (video).


I could tell she was starting to poop in the tub one night, so I got her out and sort of sat her over the toilet. She thought it was pretty funny and indeed, the poop landed in the toilet. I can’t believe it took 10 months to have an incident like that!

More cuteness from the tenth month:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And, to wrap up month 10, here is the cutest video ever of her loving on Nitro the Cat!


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