Charlotte at 9 Months Old

Char9mos1-web Char9mos2-webCharlotte turned nine months old on March 11th. I can’t even believe it! Our little sweetie is 3/4 of the way to 1, and getting more and more fun each day. In her ninth month, she:

  • claps, waves, sings and dances. She’s really like a little ginger one-woman-band.
  • said “Mama” at the end of February. I was out for a rare ladies’ wine night when she repeatedly said “Mama” to Luke – sort of demanding to know where I was. Ha. Luckily, he got it on video so I could see it. And, we’ve gotten it on video a few times since.
  • really likes cut up turkey and any kind of cheese! She loves veggies, too, although she still won’t give bananas the time of day.
  • has her top top middle and bottom two middle teeth – white and shiny. The fifth and sixth teeth are coming in around the top two as well.
  • lunges and flops and will do one roll at a time. While she’s not a crawler, she does love to stand with very strong legs. I wouldn’t be surprised if she walks before she crawls. We shall see. She especially loves to stand at her music table.
  • explores making noises and expressions with her mouth. She hisses through her teeth, blows raspberries, makes kisses and sticks her tongue out. She makes a very distinct trumpet sound (video) that is super funny.
  • goes to bed on average around 8 p.m. and sleeps until at least 6:30 the next morning. She usually takes a late morning and late afternoon nap.
  • eats solid food meals three times a day, nurses twice a day and has two bottles at daycare.
  • loves looking at pictures of people and laughing. She loves to touch a photo canvas of herself in our living room. And, in the morning, she touches and giggles at the pictures of her cousins in her bedroom. Also, when we look at pictures on the iPad, she’ll flip it over looking for the people.
  • still loves church. She played with the whole three pews behind us one day – sort of playing peekaboo over either of my shoulders. Too cute. We also had nursery duty in early March, so that was first time she hadn’t sat through service. We have very nice ladies in our nursery!
  • got to hang out with Miss Paula from daycare at our house one night while we went and saw BLUE MAN GROUP. Miss Paula and her looooove each other.
  • loves to play on the kitchen floor with her toys, a wooden spoon, our colander, etc. She (video) drives her toys like they are cars on the kitchen floor.
  • thinks I’m pretty hilarious. Check out this video full of adorable giggles!

Here are some more things Charlotte got to do in late February/early March:

On Valentine’s Day, we were supposed to visit Grammy and Grandpa Evans, but the weather up in Northern Iowa was icy, so we stayed home. She was all decked out in her Valentine’s Day outfit at home with me and I decided to get her in to the doctor since she was pulling at her ear and acting a bit fussy. I took her in and we saw a nurse practitioner we’d never seen before. She did say Char had an ear infection in her right ear. Then, when she checked her left ear, she scratched it trying to move wax out of the way and Char’s ear filled with blood. The poor lamb screamed like I had never heard her do:( We won’t be setting appointments with that woman again! Ugh.

On February 18, we took her to her to her first Iowa State basketball game. She didn’t know what to think at first – she just stared kind of in shock. Then, she got really happy because there was a little girl (Ava) in front of us who entertained her quite a bit. Char got to clapping really good for Ava – video. I fed her Puffs and carrots during the game and only got one drop on her little cheerleading outfit!

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We drove down to Chariton for the day to visit all of Mom’s family. We had so much fun playing with friends, cousins, kitties and more! IMG_2688 IMG_2687 Toward the end of February, Charlotte had waaaay too much fun with her spaghetti at daycare. Ha!

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We tried yet again to visit Grammy and Grandpa Evans two hours north of Des Moines, but AGAIN the weather did not allow:( The blowing snow had us heading home after about 40 minutes on the road. Will this winter ever end? But, we thought we would make lemonade out of the lemons, and we took Char to her first Hickory Park lunch. She behaved great and ate well!

Charlotte got to visit Uncle Chris and Aunt Joy to watch an important Cyclone basketball game on TV. We all had lots of fun with them!

In early March, we went to visit our former neighbors at their new house. They made us yummy tacos and Charlotte had so much fun with the other little girls. Esme was running around like a crazy person and Char thought it was hilarious! dr At Charlotte’s nine month well visit, she ranked in the 83rd percentile for height and the 72nd percentile in weight. She’s a healthy, happy precious girl who continues to make us swell with pride day after day!

More cuteness from the ninth month…

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