Charlotte at 8 Months Old


Another month went by with our Charlotte girl. How does it keep happening so fast?! Here’s what she was up to in her eighth month, which she turned on February 11th.

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  • loves to dance. Seriously, the girl’s got rhythm. She especially likes to dance for her dinner. One night, I was sort of chanting the word “squash” and we got this gem of a video.
  • is best friends with our cat Nitro. She squeals at him, buries her face in his fur and once she starts moving, he is doomed. Here are a couple of short videos of some surprising baby-cat bonding.
  • got her third tooth on February 9th – up top. And, the one next to it came in pretty much at the same time. Poor thing!
  • started with the separation anxiety and “stranger danger”. It’s a little rough-going now when I drop her off at daycare:(
  • loves to sit up and play. She hardly ever topples anymore and is so content to just play by herself… usually.
  • still loves her Baby Einstein DVDs. Some mornings, I guiltily use them to keep her occupied while I blow dry my hair.
  • shows affection by ramming her head into yours. It’s super cute, but kind of painful!
  • loves splashing in the bath. It makes her giggle!
  • has enough hair (and then some) to get it into a “whale spout” ponytail and pigtails. I love it.
  • started to outgrow her infant carseat, so we are researching a convertible seat.
  • says “dada dada”.
  • loves books. She especially loves the ones with little furry items inside. When she gets a book without the furry things, she still tries to pet it.
  • continues to try new foods and pretty much eats anything we give her except bananas.
  • went from being exclusively breastfed this month, to getting a couple of ounces of formula during the day. She didn’t even notice!
  • went nuts during a Skype session with Uncle Caleb on the iPad. I don’t have a picture of this, but it was so funny. Caleb is at his Army base in North Carolina. Charlotte was talking and sqwuaking at him and trying to touch his face on the screen. I’m not sure he ever got a word in.

She also got to visit with some very fun people this month. She played and snuggled with Aunt Mallory.


We all visited the Fiderlicks to watch a Cyclone game and have pizza. Lots of fun was had by all, although she and Grayson are not good at being on the same nap schedule.

She got to say good-bye to one of Mom’s colleagues – Julia – at the Splash Oyster Bar.

She had dinner at Aunt Traci’s new condo. Girls’ night!

And, she got to spend some time with Grandma Mel and Grandpa Donnie while Mom and Dad attended Baconfest. She was extra silly for Grandma:)

She also got to ride in the big girl part of the cart at Target and did great!


And, she got to see lots of Evans family folks at Cousin Lea’s fourth birthday party. Daddy’s birthday was also around this time.

Here’s one last cute video of our funny girl:) Until next month…


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