Charlotte at 7 Months Old



Little Miss Charlotte turned seven months old on January 11th. Here’s what’s new with my precious little redhead. She:

  • talks more and more with an occasional babble that sounds a lot like “dada dada”.
  • drinks water from a sippy cup and loves it!
  • has cereal in the morning and solid food for dinner. Her current favorites are squash and pears.
  • sits up! I have no idea where this kiddo gets her strong core, but it’s not from me:)
  • got her first and second teeth about two weeks apart – the bottom middle two.
  • loves to grab eyeglasses, noses, mouths and HAIR.
  • can pick up small items with her cute little fingers.
  • started waving (see video) on December 27th as Daddy was leaving for work.
  • loves seeing herself in the mirror and playing peek-a-boo.
  • started dancing in her carseat and high chair. She just kind of wags her head back and forth. It is super funny.
  • got to stay home with Mom from work/daycare because daycare was cancelled due to extreme cold. It was a fun, snuggly day while Mom worked from home.
  • started drinking from a sippy cup, although she prefers to just chew on it!

Charlotte’s Current Doctor Stats:

Head size: 17.5″/90%
Weight: 17# 14oz./70%
Length: 27″/72%

Baby’s First Christmas

A couple of weeks before Christmas, Charlotte got to meet Santa Claus at Merle Hay Mall. He was late after an interview with the Des Moines Register, so we had to wait quite a while. Charlotte was getting pretty tired by then, so she wasn’t super in love with Santa. She stared up at him like “who the heck are you” and then grumped a little, but she held in there long enough to get a picture and of course to tell him what she wanted for Christmas:)


For Charlotte’s first Christmas, we went all over the place! We went up to Luke’s parents’ farm before Christmas and had the traditional dinner and Christmas story reading followed by gifts. Charlotte got lots of nice presents and got to play with her cousins.

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For Christmas Eve, we stayed in Des Moines and did our thing as a family of three. We went to early Christmas Eve service, made our traditional Christmas stromboli and opened presents. It was so fun to see Char open gifts. She actually seemed pretty intrigued by the wrapping paper and boxes. In fact, we had a close call with the tissue paper – see the video. Then, the next morning, she enjoyed opening her gifts from Santa:)

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On Christmas Day, we had quite a tour. We went to my hometown where we hit my mom’s, my aunt’s and my dad’s all in one day. It was great to see my brother, as he had made it home from his Army base in North Carolina! Charlotte just doesn’t get to see him enough. We saw lots of fun cousins and family and had lots of fun.

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We also visited my Grandma Mary’s house for a late Christmas in which Charlotte got to meet a lot of family she hadn’t yet.

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Baby New Year

We’ve never been big “New Year’s-ers”, so adjusting to staying in with a baby was not a big deal. So, we decided to stay in with THREE kids! Ha. Actually, Luke and his brother were out at a Cyclone basketball game, so Aunt Joy and I stayed at our house with Charlotte and cousins Lea and Connor. We had pizza and sparkling apple cider. The kids were all very well behaved, and Lea’s parents got to go out with some friends to celebrate the holiday.

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Council Bluffs Trip

Shortly after the New Year, we took a road trip to see our friends The Lindquists in Council Bluffs. That car trip is where we first saw Charlotte dance. She started boogying in her carseat to Avicii’s “Wake Me Up”. Too cute – check out the video! We had so much fun playing with Faith who is 3 and Gabby who is just a few months older than Charlotte. Rob and Luke made us delicious King Crab Legs for dinner and we watched the ISU basketball game. It’s so much fun to have kids the same ages as your friends’ kids!

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More random adorable pics:

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