40 Bags In 40 Days – Summer Style

I saw the 40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge on the blog, White House Black Shutters, and thought I just have to give it a try! I’ve been saying how cluttered our house is and how I need to do SOMETHING about it. And, actually, I have started getting rid of things in the last couple of months, but there’s certainly more where that came from! So, I decided to hit the ground running with the 40 Bags Challenge. For the details, click the image below. She has great printables for free.

I don’t give anything up for Lent, but I do have three levels of an old brick house filled with too much clothing, paper, electronics, dishes and just overall… junk… that’s not organized. So, I’ll consider this my launch into spring cleaning. It’s hard to find time to organize things in the house or to sort through things to take to Good Will – especially with a nine-month-old in the house. But, I think even I can handle tackling one bag a day. Here’s a collage of how I spent the first two days of the challenge:

photo-5DAY 1 – I sorted through the clothes that were overflowing from Charlotte’s dressers and closet and packed up her recently outgrown clothes. While they’re still in my house (basement), they aren’t cluttering her living area. I’ll likely keep most of them for future baby(s) and consign some at my favorite consignment sale this spring… the Take2 Sale.

DAY 2 – I also went through my dress closet. TMI warning – I recently stopped using my breast pump at work, and now I can wear dresses again! But, when I looked in my closet earlier this week, none of them looked too appealing, or they were maternity dresses. So, there are five I’m getting rid of and four maternity dresses going in storage for the next pregnancy.

It was THAT easy! Two days down:) What will you be tackling?


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