Charlotte’s Sixth Month

IMG_5724I can’t even believe six months has come and gone with our precious little girl. It’s such a strange feeling to miss that tiny and helpless little baby, but at the same time take such joy in the developments and fun new things Charlotte learns and shows us each day. Sigh… and smile… all at the same time.

In her sixth month, that big personality kept on growing – as did the rest of her! She…

  • continues her love affair with her feet.
  • still doesn’t care too much for tummy time
  • loves to “chase” and “ride” Mr. Nitro the Cat, with Dad’s assistance of course. And, really she just thinks the cats are hilarious in general (video).
  • can work the iPad – terrible, I know!
  • shares her super sweet voice with us, which is awesome (video). I’m not sure what she’s trying to tell us, but whatever it is – it’s adorable! She’s even started babbling “dadadada”.
  • is working on cutting some teeth big time, and with that came her new talent for whining. And, let’s not forget the poooools of drool!
  • likes to steal glasses right off your face and eat them.
  • loves to watch us blow bubbles, and it’s even funnier when Nitro chases the bubbles. She giggles at that. Speaking of giggling, she’s laughing more and more. Other kids seem to cause her to have the giggles. She especially loves to laugh at the other babies at Baby Yoga. She also likes to be scared, so we do a lot of peekaboo. Last night she was laughing her butt off watching me eat popcorn. Silly girl.
  • is mesmerized by her hands. She will stare at them forever.
  • loves to pull on her socks and tries to chew on her feet.
  • thinks the baby in the mirror is really funny.
  • wants everything in her sight. She reaches for toys, people, cats, etc. And, she will put anything in her mouth. She has taken an especially fond liking to the Boy Scouts popcorn bag and water bottles.
  • is pretty much sitting up on her own, although we keep the Boppy or a pillow behind her just in case she falls.
  • loves bathtime and reading books.
  • Miss Paula at daycare refers to her as “Human Sugar”. I can see why:)

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Charlotte really likes toys. Her favorites are: Leonard the Cat rattle/stuffed toy, Diego the panda bear – her first souvenir from the San Diego Zoo, SOPHIE THE GIRAFFE and plastic rings. She has taken to swinging Leonard around over her head and in front of her until he goes flying (video).

Here are some events during her sixth month:


She took Mommy shoe shopping, as I needed new boots. Why do your favorites always start falling apart eventually? We also did some shopping for her. She loved looking at all the fun colors and people in the stores.

On November 16th, Charlotte first had solid food (other than frosting). She had Gerber Organic Brown Rice Cereal once a night for that first week mixed with breast milk. She wasn’t a huge fan. She would eat it okay, but it was very runny and made a big mess. The first couple of nights she would clamp her mouth shut about half way through. And, one of the nights she cried the entire time. She did show some interest in playing with the spoon though. And, she certainly made funny faces.

On the 17th, Luke and I went to a Cyclone basketball game in Ames. My friend Mollie and her daughter Kaydin babysat Charlotte. They had soooo much fun! And, rumor has it that Kaydin was on diaper duty all night.

Here’s a couple of cute pics of Charlotte in her velvety red dress at daycare. The teachers asked us to dress the kids in red, but wouldn’t tell us why. You’ll find out why later in this post:)

After Halloween, I submitted a pic of Charlotte in her unicorn costume to UnityPoint Health – Des Moines’ Facebook page. The picture won her a gift certificate to the Downtown Winter Farmers Market! So, we took Charlotte there and it was a lot of fun. She loves to people-watch and we ran into our friends, the Villwocks. We brought home some yummy bread, garlic and locally made mustard.

The second week of solid food brought Gerber Banana flavored oatmeal. She loves it!!!! It took about five minutes for her to devour her first serving of that. It wasn’t as runny. She ate it so well that there was hardly a drop on her bib. The first night after it was gone, she just sat there with her mouth open for a minute and then got sort of mad that it was gone.

Grandpa Rodney came to visit and brought Charlotte a cat that looks like Nitro. This one can’t run away from her!

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We traveled to Humboldt for Charlotte’s first Thanksgiving at Great-Aunt Loretta’s house. There were about 40-45 Evans cousins there. There were four little ones 15 months or younger, so it was one cute Thanksgiving. Char was running a teething temp and was really uncomfortable in her fancy dress, but once we got her some Tylenol and changed her out of that dress, she was good to go! She slept the whole way there and the whole way home.


The next day we put up the Christmas tree. She wasn’t too sure what to think.


We also took her out to her first breakfast in a restaurant in Des Moines. How had we not done this yet?! The Cozy Cafe food was yummy!

We went and played with cousins Connor and Lea on the 24th. She had her rockin’ guitar shirt on and cousin Lea grabbed Charlotte’s hand and strummed the guitar while saying “Guitar. Guitar. Guitar.” It was so funny!


We found out November 30th that Miss Charlotte reallllly does NOT like bananas. Gagging and making faces, oh my! However, she loves sweet potatoes and avocados. I made my own baby food while she was just getting used to it all.

On the 2nd, we drove south to Chariton to visit Aunt Haley and Mom for their birthdays. We brought pizza and had several family members over for a fun pizza party. Charlotte had lots of smiles for everyone and really enjoyed playing with second cousins, Drake and Maci.

On December 3rd, she took a trip with me to see Elanni at the salon. I got my hair done for family pictures while Charlotte enjoyed the big mirror and snuggles with Elanni, too.


Later that afternoon, we took her for her six month pictures and a few family ones. She hadn’t napped hardly at all during the day, and refused to smile! Usually, she’s a 24-hour-a-day smiler, but not so much when we’re paying money to capture her cuteness. Ha. Regardless, they still turned out adorable.


She looks adorable in her snowsuit! And, what a rough winter it’s been her in Iowa. Ugh!

On December 6th, our friend Kaydin hung out with us while her parents went to a Christmas party. We watched Home Alone, ate pizza and had lots of fun. Charlotte pretty much thinks Kaydin is the funniest person ever.

The next week, Char’s daycare had a holiday party. I got to make a handprint snowman ornament with her and the teachers had made super sweet gifts for us. They had taken sweet pics of the babies in their red outfits and turned them into awesome crafts.


Char spent a lot of month six watching/listening to Daddy play the guitar and sing (video). She smiles and “dances” during the mini rock concert. It is such a precious moment each time that it brings a tear to my eye:)


Charlotte’s first big snow hit on December 8th. We headed to church but turned back because of bad road conditions. It wasn’t a wasted day though, as we dealt with it by snuggling and watching the snow out the window all day. Pretty!

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That was month six. Now, my little pumpkin is half way to ONE! It’s been the best six months ever (so far)…


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