Charlotte’s Fourth Month

IMG_5460Char4Another month has passed with my little Charlotte. Here’s what she was up to in her fourth month:

She talks all the time. I love hearing her “stories”. So darn cute!
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She loves going on fall walks. She especially likes it when Dad pushes and Mom pops her head into the stroller and says “Charlotte!” It makes her giiiiigle. And, she wears fun hats on walks. VIDEO

She continues to love toys! In fact, we used to need a pacifier to get her to daycare and home without her getting bored and fussy. But, now as long as she has a toy, she’s good. Her favorite toy for the car in month four was the taggy blanket made my our friend Nancy.


She used to fall back asleep in the mornings, but now she hangs out on Mom and Dad’s bed with Pickles the Cat while Mommy gets dressed. Charlotte will lie next to me on a blankie with her panda bear Diego while I do my make-up. She likes to play with and chew on plastic rings in the mornings, too. And, if I need to do my hair, Char will watch a little bit of “Baby Mozart” while playing. She loves it!


Charlotte is obsessed with her feet. She’s getting so close to getting them into her mouth.

She’s still the happiest baby around, I tell you! And, she greets us with a smile every morning. It’s like she’s saying, “Oh – yay! It’s you guys again!” Well, the feeling is mutual, kiddo.

When Charlotte wakes up in the morning or from a nap and we see it on the monitor, we shout “Code Blueberries!” because her eyes are so blue.


She still loves her baths every other night. She splashes and gets a big grin on her face when we get her out and wrap her in a towel. And, she loves the “baby in the mirror” she gets to see after her bath. Her bath toys now are her rubber ducky and a seahorse squirter.


She’s still sleeping great at night (9 plus hours). I keep being told that I shouldn’t share that with other moms. But, surely she’s not the only baby around sleeping at night (I hope). Come on, other babies – get with the program! Ha. Now, when she’s older and is impossible to wake up from school, I will probably eat those words.

This month, Charlotte rolled from her back to her tummy. It was really early in her fourth month, so I was sort of surprised, but very excited! But, about the third time she did it, she was very upset that she was on her tummy (she hates tummy time) that she started crying. Ha. She hasn’t quite figured out tummy to back as she is rarely on her tummy for more than a couple of minutes at a time. We try, but boy does she hate it!


I put her in the Bumbo chair for the first time. She stayed upright and kind of just looked confused. Too cute.

I borrowed a Baby Bjorn after not really digging the Baby Nest nor the SlingLing I tried. I used it a couple of times to carry Char while getting some stuff done around the house. She seemed to really like it.

Charlotte loves our cats, Nitro and Pickles. She is so fascinated by them. She will shift her body and neck to all lengths to watch them walk across the room. And, she loves to lay by them and touch them. They don’t looooove the extra attention, but they’re not aggressive toward her either. So, that’s good.


Here are some things Charlotte did in month four:

She got to help me celebrate my 30th birthday. It was also picture day at school, so she was all dressed up in her pretty yellow dress.

We all went to help Cousin Dallas celebrate his third birthday. And, before the party, Charlotte got to meet Great-Grandpa Bob. It was very exciting!

We went to Baby and Me Yoga for the second time. She laughed during the baby circle when she saw the other babies! She had lots of fun, but couldn’t quite make it through the entire hour awake:)

Almost a month back into working, I had a Friday off so I could get some things down while Charlotte was at daycare. But, she was so snuggly and sweet that morning, that I called her in sick to daycare! Ha – already playing hooky. We had a great day together and I actually got a couple of things done around the house. We even had time to meet my friend Ashley and her younger baby Henry for a walk around Grays Lake. It was an unseasonably cool day, but it was still fun getting moms and babies together.

Charlotte and I went to her first Book Club meeting at my club leader Allison’s house. Book Club was light that night, and I hadn’t read the book. But, since her house is a mile from mine, it was nice to get our for a long walk and a bit of socializing.

On September 22nd, we went to Cousin Connor’s baptism. He was a trooper with all of that water, and it was a nice family gathering with a lasagna lunch afterward. Most of Char’s cousins on that side were there, so it was fun to see them all play together.

We have Iowa State Football season tickets, so we attend the home games in Ames. But, the Cyclones were away on the 26th, so we went to our friends’ Joe and Jackie’s to watch the game on TV. Charlotte got to play with their 10-month-old, Grayson. As you can see, they’re quite a cute couple. And… we beat Tulsa!

The next week, we had our friends The Knaacks over for dinner. They have a three-year-old, Lucan and he was very fascinated by Charlotte. He especially enjoyed watching her sleep. We had a nice time visiting with them. Unfortunately, Charlotte threw up a couple of times while they were here. I spent much of the evening on the phone with nurses. I’ll save you the details, but this wasn’t your average vomit. We thought since she had been dealing with a cold that it was snot causing her to gag and throw up, so we sent her to daycare the next day. They called me to come get her in the afternoon because she had thrown up again. She acted fine at home, but did throw up on Wednesday and Thursday. Thursday, I picked her up again and took her to Urgent Care. They did belly x-rays and all sorts of things and just determined she must have gotten a tummy virus from school and that it should pass. It did the next day. Having a sick baby is no fun!

Last but not least (certainly not least) – Charlotte finally got to meet Uncle Caleb!!! My brother Caleb was deployed to Afghanistan for most of my pregnancy and was then back at his base in Germany until now. So, at almost four-months-old, Charlotte got to meet Uncle Caleb! It was so nice to finally see those two together:) Love ’em both.

We love our little princess so darn much! Can’t wait to see what the fifth month brings. Here are some random pics to hold you over until then!

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