Charlotte’s Third Month


Time continues to fly by faster than the speed of light with Miss Charlotte. I’m writing this post actually on her 5-month-iversary. So, yes – I’m still behind. How do people with multiple kids get anything done? I can barely do it with one. But, boy do I love it all:)

Charlotte’s third month marked the last couple weeks of being at home on maternity leave. I got a little selfish toward the end of my time with her, opting out of play dates to stay home and get all the snuggles I could before she headed off to daycare. She and I also took lots of walks (often to get Mommy ice-cream at Snookies). But, let’s talk about what she was up to before the end of leave.

Charlotte had many firsts. She is developing right on track with most things and she is such a sweetie. Here’s a list of all the things she’s been up to. She:

  • smiles all the time, especially at Mom and Dad.
  • has started to let out cute little giggles.
  • grabs onto toys, noses, hair, etc.
  • rolls over from her back to her tummy, but can’t quite seem to figure out how to get that arm out from underneath her:)
  • got her first cold – boo!
  • talks/coos/tells stories.
  • loves to stare and laugh at other babies.
  • started to grab at her feet.
  • puts everything in her mouth.
  • sleeps 8-10 hours a night. Bless you, baby – bless you!
  • started to pop out of her swaddle, so we’re transitioning her to a sleep sack instead.
  • is noticing pictures in books, faces on toys, etc.
  • is very drooly! We go through lots of bibs and shirts at daycare:)

On August 13, she had her two month baby well visit. She loved her doctor and smiled through the entire exam… until the shots. I had Luke leave work early to come to the appointment because I didn’t think I could handle seeing my baby in pain on my own. So, he held onto her while they gave her to shots. Oh, that face when they poked her legs! She screamed like I had never heard before. I think I was somewhere between crying and laughing while watching from the side. Daddy gave her plenty of snuggles and I nursed her right away, so she only cried for a few minutes. Charlotte slept a lot that afternoon and evening. Her stats from the check-up:

  • Head size: 15.7″ – 88th percentile
  • Weight: 12 lbs., 1 oz. – 67th percentile
  • Length: 23.7″ – 92nd percentile

We did squeeze in a couple of play dates in her third month before I went back to work. We played with our friends’ Joe and Jackie’s nine-month-old, Grayson. He is a cutie, and while Charlotte was a little fussy this day due to a wet diaper (I just couldn’t figure out why she was crying and wouldn’t eat – you learn, am I right?), we still had a great time visiting!

We also visited cousins Lea and Connor and had lots of fun. The babies got along great on the play mat.

Cousin Dallas and Aunt Haley also visited one day. Dallas loves “Baby Charlie”:)


We played with friend, Kaydin.


And, the Knaacks had us over for a delicious summertime meal with steaks, couscous and lots of fresh veggies.


Charlotte also met our football friend, Kaylee as she was dropping off our football tickets for the season.


And, Char had her first trip to the salon. She did great while Elanni made Mommy’s hair pretty (and fawned over the adorable red-headed baby:)


August 23rd brought a date night for Mom and Dad! This was my first time away from Charlotte other than a couple of Target runs while she stayed home with Daddy. My mom and stepdad came to Des Moines to watch her while Luke and I took advantage of Des Moines Restaurant Week at Tally’s in Beaverdale. We chose Tally’s because it was perhaps the closest restaurant to our house, featuring the Restaurant Week specials. We were gone for less than two hours and I text messaged my mom several times. Charlotte didn’t take her bottle very well from my mom, which made me nervous for daycare, but eventually she ate most of it. It turns out that my mom didn’t have the bottle put together right. Ha! Anyway, the restaurant was a little disorganized. They didn’t recognize our reservations and moved us from one table to another before we just decided to sit on the rooftop patio. We had to wait for a table up there, but sat next to some very nice ladies at the bar. I ordered a Mango Margarita and the ladies overheard me telling the bartender that it was our first night out since having Charlotte. We chatted with the ladies about that and when they were offered the next available table, they insisted we take it. We had a great meal of steak. We told our server we wanted to pay for the ladies’ drinks and we thanked them as they left. It turns out THEY paid for OUR drinks! What nice people we have here in Iowa:)

The next morning, we took Charlotte, Mom and Donnie to the Downtown Des Moines Farmers Market. We enjoyed Burrito Bowls from Dos Rios, sweet corn and cheese curds. Mom and Donnie got some fancy beef jerky and some SUPER hot sauce. We all had a great time. Charlotte mostly slept in the stroller.

After the market, we walked a couple of blocks to do our Fantasy Football draft at Luke’s brother Chris’s place. Charlotte quite enjoyed her first draft!


Toward the end of August, Charlotte started to roll from her back to her side. She doesn’t quite get all the way over to her tummy though. And, she still HATES tummy time!

August 26th marked Charlotte’s first (partial) day at daycare. This was my last day of maternity leave and I planned it that way so she could try out daycare and I could be sad and missing her, but NOT at work. So, I dropped her off early in the morning and I almost lost it while dropping her off at school. I cried pretty much the whole drive back home and then sat in the recliner and cried for about an hour. It’s so silly looking back now, since I know she’s in such good hands. But, when you’ve been with such a sweet little pumpkin day in and day out for almost three months, it really is the end of an era when you take them to daycare. Once I pulled myself together… I thought the best healing would be a mani/pedi. Ha. It was great healing:) Although, I did call daycare in the middle of it just to check in and see how she was doing. I picked her up at 12:30 and she was super tired and cranky the rest of the afternoon. They must have worn her out!

I’m so glad I took that first day for both she and I to adjust. Clearly, she was cranky and I was a mess missing by baby. So, the next day was my first day back to work. I worked another half day and picked her up early as well. My first day back was great! I really do love my job. And, if I have to be away from my little lady, at least it’s at a place where I have a lot of fun and enjoy what I do.

My first full day back to work was that Wednesday and it was also the going-away party for my longtime co-worker, Dale. We threw him a party at Dos Rios and Luke and Charlotte dropped by to say Hi. That poor baby was passed around like a hot potato!

That same week, my Grandma Mary drove up to Des Moines to meet Charlotte. They were quite the pair:) She was so excited to meet her only living Great-Grandma!

The first week back to work/daycare was tiring, but also much easier than I thought it would be (after the day crying in the recliner). Pumping three times a day takes some getting used to, but luckily I have a work laptop, so I can still work when I’m away from my desk if I so choose.

After the first week of daycare, it was hard to leave Charlotte, but Aunt Kate and Uncle Steve were willing to babysit her so we could attend the first Iowa State football game of the season. It was a HOOOOT day, but we had fun tailgating with friends and we really enjoyed our (as of this post) only win of the season! And, Char had fun playing with her cousins again.

We also visited Lake Okoboji briefly in early September to attend the wedding of Luke’s friend, Morty. We were not aware it was an outdoor wedding and it was 95 degrees that day. But, even though Luke was drenched in his suit, the ceremony was lovely and Charlotte did great during it. We had a chance to catch up with some friends at the reception, but once the air conditioner broke, it was just too hot for Char. She was not having it, so we went back to our hotel, enjoyed our baby girl, the hot tub and some college football on TV.

So, that was Charlotte’s third month on the planet. We continue to grow with more and more love for her each day.

A few more cutie pie pics…

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2 thoughts on “Charlotte’s Third Month

  1. Every time I read your blog posts, I cry happy tears and realize how much I miss you! We absolutely NEED to plan a visit. Does Charlotte even realize how much you love her?! I loved you before, but I love “mom Summer” … Great post!

    • Aw! Thanks, friend:) Let’s tentatively plan on sometime around New Year’s, weather pending. I also love “Mom Nicole”. She is, and has been, a mothering inspiration to me!

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