Charlotte’s Second Month

It is truly shocking how fast time flies with a baby. Charlotte turning one month old and then two… was just mind-blowing. But, it is so much fun to see her grow and develop. Here’s what she was up to in her second month.


1) Visited the Evans Farm. She started off month number two with a trip to Daddy’s family farm. This was especially fun for everyone because Grandpa Curt was recovering from surgery, so it was great to be able to spend time together. She played with her cousin Ethan too, who is six months older. He sqwaked at her the same way he does at the family cat. Too funny! Luke took her around the farm, which at the time was also very flooded. It’s not been a good season for Iowa farmers. But, despite that – a good time was had by all.

2) First bottle. On July 18th, we decided it was time to give her her first bottle, since we had a wedding to go to soon and Mommy wanted to drink some wine (that’s right – I’ll admit it). I’d been pumping for a couple of weeks just to get the hang of it and build up a little bit of a supply. Note to first-time pumpers – do not be intimidated. There are a lot of bells and whistles when you first open that box. But, in my experience, it does not hurt and if your supply is working out well, it will be a breeze. Anyway – I had read to have someone else give the first bottle so the baby doesn’t smell mom and want “the real thing”. So, I went and hid upstairs and Luke gave Charlotte the 3 ounce bottle. She downed it in six minutes! Wow. We were very impressed.

3) First lunch out. Charlotte and I met my friend Ashley at a great local eatery, La Mie. Ashley was also expecting a baby at the time:) Char slept for about half our lunch, then woke up to take in the restaurant. Big blue eyes explored everything, and she really enjoyed meeting Ashley. She didn’t fuss or peep once!

4) More play dates. We had more play dates! We went north to Ames to meet Rowan who was born a few weeks after Charlotte to our friends, Pete and Bridget. They also have cute Big Brother Eli.

One of my besties and her family came to visit finally! Their little Gabby was born a couple of weeks before Charlotte and we were so excited for them to finally meet and for Big Sister Faith to play, too.

We hung out with Rachael and her five-month-old, Lydia, from down the street, and our friends Abra and Roxy (one week older than C). The mommies chatted about their babies, and the babies played and drooled. Ha. At Abra’s, I went outside and played with three-year-old Remy and their dog while Charlotte snoozed. It was such a hot summer, it was rare that I spent much time outside. But, it was nice to soak up some Vitamin D.

5) Mom’s first “night out”. Okay – so it was only a couple of hours out, but it still counts! To test out the bottle business a little more, Luke offered to stay home alone with Charlotte so I could grab dinner with one of my besties, Traci. Traci and I went out for sushi at Sakari. Of course, not being able to eat sushi for nine months had given me quite a craving:) I also enjoyed a nice Summer Shandy and fabulous conversation with Traci! Mommies – don’t forget time for yourselves, if you are able.

6) Beaverdale Farmers Market. We had been down to the Downtown Des Moines Farmers Market. But, there’s also a great market in our neighborhood of Beaverdale. So, we parked away from the field it is held in so we could get a little exercise with Charlotte in the stroller. We got to the market and purchased sweet corn, homemade garlic focaccia bread and some more vegetables. She slept pretty much the whole time, but was admired by many, as usual:)

7) First out-of-state trip and first wedding. At the end of July, we decide to make the trek to Madison, Wisconsin for Luke’s cousin Charlie’s wedding. It took us about five-and-a-half hours to drive there, as we made two feeding stops. Charlotte slept for most of the trip except for when she was hungry. With the first feeding, we tried to warm the bottle under the faucet in a rest stop because we thought a bottle would be faster and we could get back on the road, but the water just didn’t heat it enough. So, after much protesting by the wee one, I breastfed her. Thinking back, it was silly to think about doing it that way, but you live and you learn. We stayed in a great hotel for Charlotte’s first overnight – the Madison Concourse. We got there with about two hours to spare, so we quickly got ourselves and C ready. She was wearing her beautiful yellow Baby Gap dress which was a sweet gift from my friend Ashley. With her red hair, she looks just amazing in yellow. Charlotte slept through the lovely ceremony overlooking the Capitol building. The wedding and the reception were heldIt was my first time breastfeeding in a bathroom stall, which neither of us were fond of. But, we got through it, and for the rest of our time at the reception, baby took the bottle great and mama took the wine/champagne great (I didn’t have that much – don’t worry!). Charlie and Shelly are a beautiful couple, we sat at a fun table with Luke’s siblings and the three of us even hit up the photo booth.

8) Met a lot more people! Charlotte sees a lot of people – too many to name. We are blessed to have so many people in our lives who love and care about us. One of those she got to meet in month two with a baby even littler than her – Baby Henry! Ashley, who we were lunching with at the beginning of this post, welcomed her baby boy (along with husband and daughter) just about six weeks after Charlotte was born. He makes C look huge, but he is a cutie!!!

9) Had a post-baby shower. We had three baby showers before Charlotte was born, and Luke’s work folks threw us one on August 2nd. Charlotte, decked out in her pink tutu dress, and I went in to his office where there was yummy food, sweet decorations and great company. They also had the cutest basket of goodies for us. Luke’s boss Jen made a beautiful knitted blanket as well. It must have taken her forever! What great co-workers.

10) First trip to church. We finally braved taking her to church, and she seemed to love it! She looked around at the stained glass windows and the people, and her eyes got big when the organ played. She then slept through the second half of service.


11) First time at the shopping mall. We met Luke’s sister Kate and her little one Connor at Jordan Creek Mall for some shopping. Kate’s friend Amy and her little guy were there too. Cuteness all the way around! Char and I were a little late to the party, so we just chatted for a while and then the other families went home. After a feeding in the nursing room there, Charlotte and I got to shopping. And… of course I had to have some Coldstone ice cream. Nursing mamas need their calories (advice I took to the extreme some days of maternity leave)!

12) Second out-of-state visit. Unfortunately, Luke’s dad was quite ill and in Intensive Care at the Mayo Clinic at the beginning of August, so we drove up to Rochester, Minnesota to see him. He was sedated and the worry was very real, but all six of the siblings and families were there for support. I like to think having us there contributed to his improvement. As I’m writing this post, Curt is set to head home today and he’s doing so much better! Hallelujah!


Who Charlotte is becoming in her second month:

  • She smiles and laughs at the living room wall and the ceiling fan. I’m not sure what’s so fascinating about that wall, but I think she can see the ceiling fan in this mirror on the wall. The fan is her boyfriend!
  • She has started to make cute little coo noises. Check out the proof in this video.
  • Her eyes get very wide when we show her toys, etc.
  • She has really started to kick her legs and punch her fists in the air, although, sometimes that fists heads straight into the side of her head:( She doesn’t seem to mind, but I do!
  • Sometimes she has a hard time nursing because she’s too busy smiling at looking at the owls in her bedroom
  • She is now holding her head up.
  • She loves mirrors.
  • She continues to love her bath.

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