First Month of Motherhood Part II

facesMy first month of being a mommy continued to truck along with Miss Charlotte growing by the minute, as babies tend to do. Here are more milestones and reflections.

9) June 22 – First long road trip. While I was exhausted and terrified of taking a two-week-old on the Interstate, we drove two hours to go to Luke’s cousin Charlie’s bridal shower. We hadn’t seen he and his fiance Shelly for a couple of years and we don’t get to see all of Luke’s family members often, so we braved it. Charlotte slept the entire trip. I had to step out of the festivities several times to nurse, but that’s okay. It was a joyous occasion, and we’re so glad we were part of it. Plus, it was a great excuse to put Charlotte in her adorable pink tutu dress. Here’s a good article full of tips for taking a baby on a road trip.

10) June 23 – First Skype date and first trip to Target.

My brother, Caleb returned to Germany from Afghanistan shortly before Charlotte was born and Skype is one way we’re able to stay in touch with him. I was sad she couldn’t meet Uncle Caleb right away, so we thought it was important to have her Skype with him. It was a great chat and he got to see her cute expressions and movements. The two will finally get to meet in person October 1st!


Every girl remembers her first trip to Target, yes? Ha. Well, Charlotte won’t likely recall hers, but there will be plenty more. We needed some baby items and a little bit of groceries, so Luke and I headed to Target early in the morning to beat any potential crowds. The shopping excursion went well, but just where are you supposed to put the car seat with room remaining for the things you’re buying? I’ve figured out some tricks by now, but at the time, we had her in the cart, down where all of the groceries should go. We stuffed things around her seat and as much in the “in-cart-seat” area as possible. People must have thought we were going to smother her with diapers and bagels. But, alas – she survived and we were stocked up again!


11) June 24 – Played with cousins. Charlotte is lucky to have so many cousins, and so many cousins close to her age. In fact, Charlotte and her cousins Ethan and Connor were all born within seven months of each other! So, this was an exciting day because we made the short drive to Altoona to see one-week-old Connor and almost-seven-month-old Ethan. Three-year-old Lea was there as well, and she just loved the babies!


12) June 25 – Two week doctor appointment. I took Charlotte to the doc for her two week check-up. I was so excited to get to this day so I could ask all of the questions I had about her – eating enough, spit-up, hiccups, pimples, her yucky belly button, the pacifier/nipple confusion, bathing, lotion, diaper ointment, cleaning eyes/ears and so on. Well, it turns out, we were “doing everything just perfectly”. Insert sigh of relief. They did cauterize her belly button though because it just wasn’t healing properly. That sounds a lot worse than it is. It’s basically just a matchstick they rub around in there. No fire. Her stats were:

  • Head Size: 14 3/4″ – 98th % (who knew her head was so big?!)
  • Weight: 8# 6 1/2 oz. – 60% (she was above her birth weight of 8# 5 oz. finally!)
  • Length: 21″ – 86th % (she grew an inch in two weeks)

At the Dr.

13) June 26 – Charlotte went for her first visit to my workplace. She slept the whole time, but everyone just adored her. We even got a nice photo of her in the star dressing room backstage. We took a department photo with her as well.

GoodnightmoonOn this same day, we also read her, her first story – “Good Night Moon”. This was one of my favorites I used to read at my Grandma Helen’s house. I just love it! And, we think reading is soooo important, so we got off to an early start.

14) June 29 – Got baby acne. I guess this was one of the chapters I skipped in the baby books. But, wow – Charlotte got some nasty baby pimples! It is so annoying when your precious baby’s porcelain skin turns to a teenager’s nightmare. It started with one pimple and then her whole face just erupted in little whiteheads and big red pimples. This lasted for a couple of weeks. There’s not much you can do for it but keep the face clean and wait for the acne to go away. They say it doesn’t hurt or bother them. Just leave it alone!

We also took her to the Downtown Des Moines Farmers Market for the first time. We saw our former neighbors out and about, and we met up with Uncle Chris and Aunt Joy. We brought home fresh tomatoes, strawberries and cheese curds!

15) June 30 – We played on our play mat for the first time, and I THINK she saw her reflection!


16) July 1 – Makes cute noises in her sleep. I’ll let the video speak for itself.

17) July 3 – First massage. Well, it was Mom’s massage, but Charlotte was there. She slept pretty much the whole time. It was just a half hour massage since I didn’t know how she was cooperate, but Mommy needed it! I had so much back pain from labor. And, wow – does breastfeeding take a toll on your upper body! Who knew? Learn how to breastfeed with less back pain.

18) July 4 – First Independence Day. This was her first 4th of July, and although fireworks and parades were a no-go for us, we did take some fun pictures of her in the patriotic tutu Aunt Haley made her. Too cute! We also went to our favorite local ice-cream shop, Snookies and were visited by the Grabau-Keeles. And, Mom and Dad had a bonfire/grill-out with Little Miss attending in her car seat.

19) July 6 – We took our first trip to Mom’s hometown of Chariton, Iowa. We visited with Grandma Mel, Dadine, Aunt Haley, Cousin Dallas, both great aunts – Marilyn and Carolyn, and the Wallace family. We had some yummy food and overall had lots of fun.

20) July 7 – We got to meet more cousins! Luke’s brother Thad and his family came over to finally meet Charlotte:)

21) July 11 – The day Charlotte turned one-month-old, we had her first play-date with a non-family member baby. We went and played with Novalee (two days younger) and her older sister Zella. The babies didn’t do much, but the mommies had fun chatting and Zella was a big helper with the little ones.


Some notes I found that I had jotted down about her in her first month:

  • She loves to be swaddled.
  • She does well in her bouncy/vibrating chair – she’ll sleep in this in the bathroom while I shower. I really didn’t expect to get a daily shower. Ha!
  • Our cats, Nitro and Pickles, don’t really seem to notice or be bothered by Charlotte.
  • She’s not so much a fan of “Righty” in terms of nursing if you know what I mean. “Lefty” is her fave.
  • We gave her a pacifier at two-weeks-old after the threat of nipple confusion was over. It does seem to sooth her when she needs to go to sleep.
  • I’ve been calling her “Punky”, as in short for “Punkin” which I know isn’t the proper spelling/pronunciation of “Pumpkin”, but that’s what comes out of my mouth:)
  • Dad calls her “Charlie Bear”.

Well, that ends the first month of me being a member of The Mom Club. What a quick and amazing trip it’s been so far. I can’t wait to see what month two brings!


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