Welcoming Baby Charlotte!

Charlotte ScaleOn June 11, 2013, our life together became even more amazing when we welcomed our first child Charlotte Layna Evans at 1:21 p.m. Charlotte, or “Charlie” as we often referred to her during the pregnancy, weighed 8 pounds and 5 ounces and was 20 inches long at birth. Luke and I have been in awe of her ever since – especially all of her beautiful red hair (which happens to lay in a natural “faux-hawk”). She was eight days past her due date and I had to be induced. But, she was so worth the wait!

Charlotte wrapped upWhile I work on her birth story, tales of her first two weeks and so on for the blog, I want to make this post a bit of a letter to my daughter. My daughter! How new and fun is that to say?! So, here goes…

Dear Charlotte,

Mom and Dad waited for more than five years of marriage to decide to start trying for a kiddo. We worked on our careers; we were both laid off and started over; we traveled; we saved money; we drank too much wine; we bought lots of shoes (okay – Mom did); and we discussed when the time would be right many times.

Your parents got very lucky when in late September of 2012, Mom told Dad she was pregnant. The pregnancy was easy on Mom – no sickness, not too much puffiness, not a lot of emotional upheaval, etc. It was just a fun time of celebration and anticipation, and we grew more and more excited every day. We also had great friends and family supporting us along the way.

You were really comfy in the womb and we watched June 3rd – the due date – come and go. Mom worked through June 4th and then was put on (probably unnecessarily so) bed rest. Finally, on June 10th, the induction started and about 17 1/2 hours later, you changed our lives forever!

Welcome to the world, Charlotte Layna!

Welcome to the world, Charlotte Layna!

The second the nurse handed you to me after Daddy cut the cord, I said “Welcome to world, Charlotte Layna.” A chorus of aw’s came from the medical staff in the room. Daddy and I stared in wonder at your red hair, your blueberry colored eyes, and your long fingers and toes. You were so alert – so ready to breathe air and start what is sure to be a superb life.

I never could conjure up what a Luke-Summer hybrid would look like exactly, but you certainly didn’t disappoint. You actually look just like Daddy, with a touch a mom in there somewhere:) You are just the cutest little baby ever. You’re also calm and content. Everyone from the nurses to your many visitors just loved you from the start. We can’t blame them!


As we go on this journey of raising you, I already have so much pride and “Mother’s love” for you now and forever. I can’t wait for you to love books, play rough with the cats, take dance classes, climb your dad’s legs, give your first real laugh and more. But for now, I will embrace every second of your milk-induced sleepy smiles, your frequent diaper changes, your tiny little clothes, your middle-of-the-night feedings and your cat-like stretches. Just, don’t grow up too fast:)

We love you more than you will ever know. Thank you for gracing our lives, Charlotte Layna!


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