(Baby) Showered with Love x 3

I remember thinking, on my wedding day and throughout the planning process, that I was so blessed to have so many people in my life who supported me and helped with the event along the way. I’ve discovered being pregnant for the first time brings on even more sentiment and well-wishing from wonderful family members and friends.

I truly have been touched the last nine months at how much people really care about Luke and me… and now our soon-to-be born daughter. I don’t measure love by gifts or money or any other material (although we’ve certainly been gifted plenty). But, the act of people throwing baby showers and the number of people who are able to celebrate the special parties – and the reason for them – has really been a visual showing of how blessed we are in life.

We’ve had three baby showers, which at first seemed overwhelming. But, each was so different and special, they really meant so much to us. Here’s a recap of the fun showers!

#1 Evans (Daddy’s) Siblings and Parents – March 30, 2013

Luke’s parents and siblings threw us a brunch shower the weekend of Easter at the beautiful Evans Family Farm. They had nice purple “Mom-to-be” sashes for Sister Kate and me. Kate is expecting her second kiddo – a boy – just weeks after us. We had a delicious shower brunch with amazing caramel rolls, quiche, bacon and fresh fruit. There was a spring theme with pretty flower and bird decorations – green and pink.

Teen nieces Mary and Becca started post-brunch events off with a game where they had baby gifts inside of giant Easter eggs. They gave clues and everyone had to guess what was in there. It was very sweet, and I must say – I won! Sister Emily put together a great game as well – “The Price is Right” on baby stuff. You had to guess the prices on various items, and it turns out babies aren’t as expensive as I thought – ha! We also had a diaper/clothes/swaddle relay race between the Sands (Sister Kate and family) and us. It was pretty much a tie, and I hope we’re all much more careful with our real babies than we were with those dolls. Brother Chris also gave everyone plastic toy rings at the beginning of the shower. Each time someone used the word “baby,” they had to give their ring to whoever caught them. Brother Thad was ruthless and dominated the game.

We then opened our gifts. We got some great and adorable things – Pack ‘N’ Play, video monitors, adorable clothes and toys, etc. And, Little Miss Evans got her first pair of shoes from Cousin Lea. They are pink and sparkly Mary Janes – so cute!

Kate and I even had a “kick-off” on the living room floor to see whose baby would kick. Hers kicked first – winner for speed. Ours kicked for longer – winner for endurance. Ha.

#2 Mommy’s Side and Non-Work Friends – April 28, 2013

This shower was thrown by my mom, Aunt Carolyn, Aunt Marilyn, Cousin Nicki and Sister Haley at my house, and it was just wonderful! Carolyn made an adorable owl cake. Haley made pickle dip. There was fresh fruit, a meat/cheese plate, nacho cheese dip and all kinds of yumminess, as well as my mom’s raspberry punch. My cousin Nicki made adorable little pacifier treats out of York Peppermint Patties, Lifesavers and Jelly Beans. So cute! I also ended up providing mimosas in case the oohs and ahs got to be too much for anyone – been there done that:)

Marilyn did a “guess how big Summer’s belly is” game where everyone in the room had to pull off the amount of pink streamer they thought would fit perfectly around me. My mom’s friend Michelle won – boy was that a long piece of streamer! I was quizzed about various baby “what would you do” situations throughout the shower. It turns out it’s a good thing I have good friends to call for advice! I also had to sniff and identify baby food. Some of that stuff really stinks.

I can’t even begin to list all the people who were there or all the great gifts they brought for Baby Evans. My goodness! This girl just might be spoiled. She got some great practical things off of the registry, some adorable outfits and accessories, lots of books and so on. My friend Traci, who wins the prize for drinking the most mimosas, cracked me up with her gift basket. It was “for my tatas”. Creams, pads, storage bags, etc. Too funny! And, my friend Nicole, whose due date was six days before ours with her second little girl, gave us three separate gifts – “wear”, “need” and “want”. It was very creative – a sleeper, “baby crack” Little Einstein toy and a big pack of beautiful Eric Carle books. Also, it was a beautiful 80 degree day, so Luke and the boys and a few kiddos were able to play outside during the shower.

#3 Thrown by Work Friends – May 9, 2013

My co-workers threw a great shower in one of the lounges in the performing arts building I work in. My boss Barb and co-workers Dale, Misty and Leslie made up the planning committee and it was such a fun time. Luke was able to come over for it. He works about seven blocks from where I do.

There was pizza and other goodies from Fong’s Pizza (my favorite Asian-inspired pizza place). There was also delicious punch and champagne cupcakes. Dale had stayed up all night finishing the activity for the shower. It was a Jeopardy/Pyramid type game in which he had it all set up on a big screen and we were all in teams at our tables. The first round was “Mamma Mia” which was questions about the musical. The second round was “Broadway Babies” which was about kids in musicals. I dominated this second round, putting our team in first, but since there were two teams tied for second, I deferred to let them play the final round which was Pyramid with categories like “Luke, You Are the Father” and “Summer’s Eve”. Oh, Dale – always the comedian. Work gals Rachel and Marnie were scary good at this game. Luke and I played the bonus round for fun. There were lots of laughs had, very sweet gifts and all-around, I was very touched. There is certainly never a dull moment around our offices:) I’ll miss these crazy kids while I’m on leave!

So, that wraps up our showering, and I must repeat – we are truly blessed. And, this little girl is so very lucky! Now, if she would just come out to meet us… (writing this two days before the due date).


3 thoughts on “(Baby) Showered with Love x 3

  1. great post with great pics of a great couple, soon to be family of three/five with cats! LOVE you and cannot wait for you to join the land of parenthood — it’s INCREDIBLE in ways you can never imagine til you arrive…looking forward to getting the call!

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