California Babymoon Part IV – Whales and Carlsbad

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The last day of our babymoon brought another beautiful morning, although a slightly colder one. We started the day with more delicious strawberry waffles (a decision I would come to regret). Then we headed to San Diego.

I had found a Groupon offer for a 2-for-1 whale watching excursion. We were set to depart at 10 a.m. and got there just as they were boarding the boat at San Diego Whale Watch. Although my time out on the open sea has been limited, being a Midwesterner, I had been out on boats a couple of times with no seasickness troubles. So, when the crew consistently warned about vomiting and offered pills, I figured I would be fine. I was also a little nervous about taking anything since I was pregnant.

We were on the boat with maybe another 80-100 people. It was cold and windy, but we had brought stocking hats/ear warmers, so that was our saving grace. It was a jolly time to start with. We were looking forward to seeing a whale and maybe some dolphins. I was fine for about the first hour, but then the wind picked up and things got choppy.

I started to feel very disoriented and sick to my stomach, but I tried to be a trooper. And, my “staying strong” paid off. We were able to see a pod of about 200 dolphins. They apparently love “playing” with boats, so they kept swimming right up next to the boat. I got some great video. Luke and I have swam with the dolphins in Mexico before, but seeing them in the wild like this was especially exhilarating. That was the high point of the trip.

The low point came not long after. The boat had turned around headed back to where we started, and we still had a little more than an hour left until land. I couldn’t take the ocean anymore, and while the crew had advised us to just “head to the back of the boat, swallow our pride and feed the fish”, I was certain I was too dizzy to not fall over. So, I wobbled my way to the boat’s restroom, praying it was vacant. I don’t know if you’ve ever been a pregnant woman who is painfully dizzy trying to throw up into a toilet on a sea vessel that’s rocking from side to side, but it’s challenging. I think I should have gotten a medal for making it all in the bowl. It was especially impressive because I didn’t kneel since the mats were all wet – no thank you;) But, long story short – I got to see my waffles again. And, I’m sorry to be gross, but they did taste okay coming back up. Ha!

So, my advice for whale watchers is that you don’t always get to see one. Sometimes you just strike out. And, if you are not pregnant (or maybe check with your doctor about this) – go ahead and take the meds!!! That was my one time vomiting my entire pregnancy and it wasn’t the little babe’s fault.

After the “waffle” watching, I was never so happy to set foot on land. And, since I had nothing in my stomach, Luke took me to the first food we could find – Jack-In-The-Box. After gorging myself on an emergency hamburger and fries, I had to lie down and get my bearings.

After a desperately needed nap, we hopped in the car to drive north to Carlsbad. Luke’s cousin Jen and her family live there and we had plans to meet up for dinner on our last night in California. I had met Jen’s wonderful parents when Luke and I visited Hawaii (where they live), but I was looking forward to meeting more of his extended family. I don’t know if you watched MTV’s short-lived reality show “Surf Girls” back in the early 2000’s, but I did and I loved it. Jen actually won the surfing competition!

We got to their lovely neighborhood in Carlsbad (a little late due to my need to recuperate) and brought some chips, salsa and guacamole for everyone to snack on. Right away we met Jen, her husband Scott, her adorable two-year-old daughter Kalani and the spirited pug of the house, Benny. Luke hadn’t seen Jen in probably 15 years, so it was a nice reunion for them and a “nice to meet ya” for the rest of us.

We hit it off right away with the whole crew. And, they made us some delicious California “street tacos” – some beef and some chicken. It was a wonderful final meal for our trip, and they were just the best hosts. Jen even packed up a “breakfast burrito” for Luke from the leftovers. The non-pregos of the groups enjoyed some Almond champagne and other cocktails:) Playing with Kalani was also a treat. She is just a sweet little thing and is so happy! It was so hard to leave them. We had such a great time and had so much in common, it would have been nice if we just could have packed them all in our suitcases and brought them home. Although, I’m not sure how they would fare in Iowa winters.

We got back to our hotel at dark and did all of the last-night packing and what-not. We said our good-byes to the sea lions and the ocean waves. Here’s Luke’s last shaky look at our suite. The next morning we had a quick breakfast and headed to the airport. Adios for now, California!  Our first trip to you will most certainly not be our last. But, next time we’ll have at least one little one in tow!


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