California Babymoon Part III – Mountain and Mama

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On the third day of our babymoon, we woke up and headed to The Cottage in La Jolla for breakfast. We’d heard it was a must-do on our trip, and we are big-time breakfast people. We love exploring new diners and cozy breakfast nooks. We headed to The Cottage and got a table right away – go early, people! The wait got longer for people who got there at 9 a.m. or later. It was a perfect day, and we thought it was interesting that the restaurant started turning heaters on out on the patio. I guess those Californians just aren’t used to 65 degree weather (brrrr – ha!). For breakfast, Luke ordered the Tuscan omelet with chicken, sauteed mushrooms, melted brie, roasted tomato and avocado. It came with cottage potatoes and a scone. He loved it! I had my heart set on the oatmeal pancakes with fresh blueberries. They were pretty heavy, but don’t think that let me stop from finishing them!

After breakfast, we hopped in the rented Chevy Malibu and headed to Mount Soledad. Well, our GPS was a little off, so we ended up on some random side street first. But, it turned out that the random side street had an amazing view of the San Diego/La Jolla area, so we parked the car and copied what some other tourists were doing. We hopped up on a fuse box/electric box – not sure (but, probably dangerous) – and took some fun pictures “at the top of the world”.

Eventually, we spotted the mountain from where we were, and headed to it. Mount Soledad is a prominent landmark topped off by the Mount Soledad cross monument. It is a Korean War monument, and actually now has a wall dedicated to veterans of all wars. I even found President Gerald Ford on the wall. The view of the area from atop Mount Soledad was incredible. The houses nearby – which we saw up close even more while we were lost – have got to be worth millions and millions of dollars. All the city looked like tiny model houses and fake rolling hills. The ocean goes on for miles. It was a great way to spend part of a sunny morning.

The next stop on our Saturday was the Birch Aquarium at Scripps, not too far from our hotel in La Jolla. We saw sharks, sting rays, seahorses, eels and all kinds of fun ocean life. We may have been the only ones there without visible children, but I’m okay with that:) Forever young!

We spent some time hiking around the La Jolla Cove area taking in the views from the paths, watching the waves wash through the nooks and crannies, seeing the kayakers bounce around, and of course, enjoying the sea lions. Our favorite moment with the sea lions was while we were just standing taking some photos, there was one cute female on one of the highest rocks. She was stretched out in the sun so relaxed, and then a big male came and it seemed he was trying to steal her spot. Well, after much scooting and repositioning (this pregnant gal can relate), the female got up. I thought – just like a guy to be such a big bed hog. But, we were totally wrong. As soon as he was comfy on his side, he lifted up his flipper so she could lay down beside him. They were spooning and then he wrapped his flipper around her. It was so precious (see photo). I love sleeping like that, too:)

For the afternoon, we decided since it was such a beautiful 75 degree day, we’d spend some time on one of the La Jolla beaches. I think we were on Seal Beach. We relaxed on the sand for a bit, then we walked the shoreline getting swept up in the waves from time to time. It was too cold for us to go swimming, but it was refreshing to give our legs a little dip. As if the sun was not shining perfectly enough and the ocean was not serene enough, it seems another “babymoon-related” little gift appeared on the sand. A mother seal and her tiny baby washed up for some feeding time (see video). It was quite a touching moment for us as soon-to-be parents to witness this beautiful creature nursing her little babe. And, can we talk about how darn cute the baby was?!?! He was about a foot long and was so funny when he scooted around. They were on the beach for maybe 30 minutes with quite a crowd taking in the closeness of nature you don’t quite get at a zoo or an aquarium. It was amazing!

We watched our last La Jolla sunset from on top of one of the great cliffs. It was another perfect sunset and really made us appreciate how lucky we are in life, and in love with each other (and our unborn baby).

Stay tuned for our final day in California, as we take on whale watching and visit family members…


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