California Babymoon Part I – Views and Valentine’s Day

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My husband Luke and I love to travel. So, as the first few months of my pregnancy ticked by we decided to go on a “babymoon”, or as I like to call it “our last vacation ever”. I know that’s not 100 percent true, but it makes me laugh.

Since it was still going to be cold in Iowa in the months I was “not too pregnant” to fly, we decided a warm destination would be best. In the battle of Arizona versus California, California won. We had heard great things about La Jolla, so that’s where we planned our trip. Neither of us had been to California before, so this was a completely new experience for both Mom-to-be and Dad-to-be.

We set off on our trip the Thursday morning of Valentine’s Day. Other than the 90 degree cabin heat on the smallest plan we took to get there, traveling was just fine. We landed in San Diego around noon Pacific Time and picked up our Chevy Malibu rental car. We had never rented a car before, but I must recommend it for anyone traveling to an area without a lot of public transportation. It was great to have it!

After a quick lunch of enchiladas verde at El Agave Tequilaria in Old Town San Diego, we headed north to La Jolla through the beautiful hills and sun of Southern California. We arrived at our hotel – La Jolla Cove Suites (you may have seen this place renovated on The Travel Channel’s “Hotel Renovations”). We settled into our suite which was incredibly spacious, complete with a full kitchen and a lovely balcony. The view from the balcony was as good as it gets. We could see ocean for miles, hear the waves and yes – smell the sea lions, but it really was very picturesque.

Just across the street from our hotel was La Jolla Cove and a public park. We ventured down and checked out the rocks full of sea lions, enjoyed the crashing waves and explored some very interesting rocks next to the water which even had carvings of people’s names in them. There is really nothing like breathing the air in a place you’ve never been before. After exploring the peaceful cove a bit, we headed back to our suite so we could see the sunset from our balcony. I know we have sunsets here in Iowa, but seeing the sun set over the ocean is not something I will ever take for granted. The colors bouncing off the water, as well as the silhouettes of the palm trees made for a truly perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day with my husband and the baby bump:)

For dinner, we headed to the Crab Catcher. Luke enjoyed crab-stuffed sea bass while I dined on lobster risotto. For a couple who doesn’t typically do the flowers/candy/gifts thing for this holiday, it was a nice romantic treat.

It was early to bed for us after a late dinner. There was a lot to tackle the next day, including the San Diego Zoo and Coronado Beach. To be continued…


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