100 Days Until Baby!

Last Saturday, I finished my spreadsheet for our baby gift registry and checked my online Target registry which I’d managed to add one item to since December. My husband Luke and I were prepared to head to Target to grab the gun and register for gifts. Well, coincidentally, my Target account notified me that we had 100 days until our baby was due – June 3, 2013! 100 is a big number. It’s three digits. It’s a century. But, boy when you still have a lot to do to prep for baby, it’s also an alarming number!

Don’t get me wrong – we are so incredibly excited to meet our little girl. I no longer fear labor or sleepless nights or feedings or fussiness or even the dreaded exploding diapers, because… those happen no matter what:) It’s the “optional” stuff that’s got my head spinning: where to register, what to register for, how to set up the nursery, how to prepare for being gone from work, will the cats like her, will we get our new windows done in time, getting a will prepared, and on and on.

And, while I lie awake some nights mentally mapping out the impending tree mural I’m planning on painting or which type of glider to get, I also just want to meet our little precious so badly! But, we still have childbirth, baby care, breastfeeding and daddy classes to get to, so we’ll go ahead and hope we get all 100 days Target told me about before we meet little Baby Evans.

It’s incredible how fast pregnancy flies. And, maybe by mid to late May I’ll just be wanting to evict her already, but I can’t believe I’m already approaching the third trimester. This must be nature’s way of preparing mommies for how fast kids grow up (tear). Here’s my biweekly evolution into a first-time mom. If you have any tips or advice on how to make the most of these last three months, I would love to hear them!

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