Petting Slippers

Generally, I am kind of a clumsy and accident-prone person. I also am a big sleeper. Those two things paired with a slight case of the ol’ pregnancy brain and my currently weak bladder made for an interesting “Seriously, did I just do that moment?” this morning.

I was making my way back to bed from a 5 a.m. bathroom break and I noticed one of my cats on the floor next to my bed. I reached down to pet him and… well, I ended up petting my husband’s slippers!!! In the dark room, they had taken on the shape of my cat. Needless to say, they were a disappointing texture compared to my kitty’s fur. In my defense, here are the slippers NEXT TO my cat for comparison.


It really made me have to laugh at myself. I really thought those darn slippers were a cat! Sometimes we all take ourselves too seriously, and I think I proved that that’s just not necessary. We all do silly things, and we can be a fun source of natural comedy in a sometimes hectic and stressful world.

What goofy things have you been up to lately?


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