It’s a Girl! (Balloon gender reveal)

Due with our little one June 3, 2013, the doctor wouldn’t tell us the gender until our 20 week appointment in January. But, our friends had told us about a place called Prenatal Vision where there would tell you the gender at 16 weeks. We thought it would be great to be able to surprise our families with the pink or blue news at Christmas!

We scheduled an appointment after work on Thursday, Dec. 20 at Prenatal Vision, a wonderful office run by an ultrasound tech who used to work in doctor’s offices and opened her own business for gender reveals, and so moms and dads could “visit” their unborn babies whenever they wanted. The night before our appointment, the entire state of Iowa was under a Blizzard Warning and we got a foot of snow overnight. Pretty much every school was cancelled and many Des Moines businesses were, but… not either of ours. Since Luke had to go to work for sure, we carpooled, working only eight blocks from one another. It turns out I could have worked from home, but oh well – I was there safely:) Surprised to hear the ultrasound place was still open in spite of the weather, we made the icy and slow trip to the office.

We saw our baby and after awhile the fabulous tech told us it was a girl! Daddy gasped and Mommy held back tears. She was just the most beautiful little thing we had ever seen:) We got some great pictures of her to take home with us as well as a 15-minute DVD we’ve forced many people to watch. We think she sort of resembles Charlie Brown in her profile picture. But, she is painfully adorable – even in black and white (not that we’re biased or anything). While we had struggled even remotely agreeing on boys’ names, once we saw pink, we had fully decided on our daughter’s name within an hour. And, for the next few days, every time I replayed that moment of three white lines (what designates a girl in an ultrasound), I smiled and dropped a tear of two because we just love her so much already. Oh, and the guest room/soon-to-be baby room is lavender, so… no painting! P.S. I absolutely endorse Prenatal Vision. We just had our 20-week ultrasound at the doctor’s office and the Prenatal Vision pictures are better, the room was cozier, the screen was way bigger, and the tech was super nice and conversational.

To share the news with our families, we (who am I kidding? I’m the one with the crazy ideas!) I decided that pink helium balloons floating out of a tote would be a fun way to do it. We hadn’t told anyone we were finding out that early, so they were very surprised and very happy… especially my mom as now she’ll have one grandkiddo of each gender. Our Christmas on Luke’s side was postponed until January due to his dad recovering from surgery (doing great now, by the way), so we shared the news in shifts with his many siblings, nieces and of course his parents. Check out the reveal video!

We are now awaiting our tall (the hubs is 6′ 7″), possibly ginger-haired, gorgeous, brilliant, sweet daughter with great joy. How is it possible to love someone so much before you’ve even met them? We will try our best not to spoil her TOO much, but I assure you that she will have Dad wrapped around her little finger. And, if her hand over her face (think distraught southern belle) in the ultrasounds is any indication, she just may be a bit of a drama queen. I have no idea where she’s getting this type of behavior. No matter how she comes out nor who she grows to be, we will love her unconditionally. We can’t wait for our sugar and spice and everything nice to be here:) Oh, and did I mention that one of my BFF’s is having a little girl a week before?! BFFBB = Best friends forever before birth. Ha. I’m such a sap.


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