Our Fun Ways we Shared the Baby News

Luke and I waited the suggested 10 weeks before we started telling people about the baby. It was tough to keep a secret because we were so excited! But, keeping in step with our quirky selves, we tried to break the news in fun and unique ways. Here’s what we did for our “groups” of people.

My dad and stepmom

Beef and noodle with Dad and Diana.

Beef and noodles with Dad and Diana.

My dad was diagnosed with Eye Cancer not long before we found out Baby Evans was on the way. The disease is super rare – only about six in 1 million people get it. But, luckily, they caught it before it had spread to other parts on the body. So, days before his week of surgeries and radiation, we invited my dad and my stepmom Diana up for homemade beef and noodles. Due to the pregnancy, I knew I wouldn’t be able to visit my dad during his week of radiation treatment, so I wanted to make sure to tell them before he went. This is the card I made for him.

OutsideDadCard InsideDadCard

Diana caught on a little quicker than Dad, but both were very excited and a little teary-eyed.

Luke’s Family

We had planned an early Thanksgiving up at the Evans Farm. Luke is a redhead, so I bought a t-shirt that says “Brewin’ a Redhead”, “Wish me luck!” We knew we wanted to wear that to the dinner, but we weren’t quite sure how we would do it.

I get overly excited with fun secrets like this. I almost passed out waiting on Luke’s mom to get home when we got engaged. So, we knew we had to just come right out with it. Luke had concocted this idea that he would pretend to be taking a photo of his parents with the giant sweet potato he brought from our garden, while really he would be videotaping and I would reveal the shirt. Here’s a short video of their reactions.

Our adorable nephew, Ethan Evan Murphy!

Our  nephew Ethan!

Again, it took a little time to kick in. And, that “Whaaaat?!” in the background is Luke’s sister Emily, who at the time was about 2-3 weeks shy of giving birth to our nephew Ethan. How cute is he? And, it was nice to share the news with Luke’s Dad especially, as he was headed to surgery soon after for Bladder Cancer. He is home now and on the mend!

My mom, sister and nephew

We’ve been married for five plus years and have been hearing about having those ol’ babies for years now from my cousins and sister, etc. My sister is nine years younger than I am and has my two-year-old nephew. My mom hasn’t pestered me, because she knows I’m career-driven, but secretly I knew she was hoping the next grandbaby would come sooner than later.

BallHaleyDBallI thought it would be fun to involve my nephew in the plan. So, I decoupaged a copy of our eight-week ultrasound to a ball and gave it to him as “an early Christmas present”, urging my mom to help him open it. See how it went in this funny video!

We were trying to Skype with my brother Caleb who is serving in Afghanistan, if you’re wondering what I’m doing on my phone. Who knew my mom would be so surprised she’d almost pass out?! Ha. We shared the news with the aunts, cousins, etc. later during Thanksgiving dinner.

We of course shared the news with friends via phone and text messages before it was all Facebook-official. We also took treats to work to tell co-workers. Luke took homemade chocolate chip cookies. Apparently, that’s some sort of Dutch tradition? And, I took bags of mini “Baby (Ruth) Evans” candy bars.


Everyone has been very excited and super supportive of us. In fact, our Facebook post announcing the baby got almost 300 likes from our great friends and family. We are truly blessed and having so much fun with this pregnancy. I know that stretch marks and labor pains, spit up and smelly diapers are ahead of us. But, that doesn’t deter our happiness one bit. We can’t wait for this adventure:)


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