Sideways French Braid into Bun

Sideways French Braid into Bun

My hair is getting long and I get bored sometimes. I miss the french braids of the 90s, but I know that’s a little dated. So, I thought a fun sideways/tilted french braid ending in a bun of some sort might be fun.

If you already know how to french braid, you’re good to get started, otherwise here’s a tutorial to a typical french braid.

Brush your hair back and lean your head back slightly and to one side. Start french braiding at the front of one side of your head. Slowly french braid toward the back of your head crossing to the other side. I braided mine fully, but then decided to close it at the base of my head and secure with an elastic. I then pinned the ponytail into a loose bun. Voila! A comfortable look for summer whether you’re in the office or at the beach.


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