Texas Trip Part III: Beaches, “Young” People and The Ferry

Moving along in our Texas trip, we get into our beach days. NOTE-all photos featured in slideshow below. We started the first one with some delicious breakfast tacos. I was told these were a MUST if traveling to Texas and boy, were they good! We then visited an art museum filled with local artwork. It was a lovely little find.We also went to a learning center near the beach and sat through a really interesting presentation about the solar system on this massive suspended globe. Super cool.

The first beach we visited was the public beach in Rockport. It wasn’t super hot beach weather quite yet, but we spent a few blissful hours there. Curt and Su joined us for a while, but most of the day we just spent reading magazines and books on the beach or walking along in the water. Note to self – don’t touch shells that look like jellyfish. My bad. Luckily it was a super small one and didn’t bother me:)

After the beach, we got changed to go meet some of the fabled friends we had heard Luke’s parents talk about. These were people they had met during their two winters in Texas. We went over to the their friend Sue’s condo and several other of their friends joined us. We ate freshly caught and fried sheephead, stuffed jalapenos, and little smokies wrapped in crescent rolls with honey, brown sugar and nuts, etc. Yum. And, let me tell you – these retirees were certainly young at heart. They kept us (and each other entertained) and it was an honor to spend an evening with all of them. I love listening to the wit and wisdom of those who have seen more of life than I have. They are awe-inspiring, and I hope I am that spry in my sixties plus!

Our final full day in the Rockport/Corpus Christi region of Texas was spent just Luke and me, a cooler of beer and snacks, and some SPF 30 (should have been 50). We took the ferry across to Port Aransas Beach. I had never been on a ferry before, so that was pretty exciting! What a slick little production it is – five minutes and you’ve just crossed the bay. It was a perfect day for the beach. Temps were maybe in the upper-70s and the sun was shining bright. I was glad to have my new sun hat. Luke even borrowed it through the day:)

We don’t often take time in our lives to “do nothing”. There’s usually some sort of stimulus around us. But, on this beautiful sunny day, we literally sat in chairs for about six hours straight, chatted (and giggled) with each other, people-watched and enjoyed some frosty beers. Luke’s poison of choice was Texas’ finest – Lone Star beer. Ha. We did take some time to walk along the beach and in the water, although it was too cold for us to swim. What a glorious day of R&R it was. Sometimes when I get on a beach, I JUST DON’T WANT TO LEAVE. But, alas… of course we had to leave sometime:) We spent our last evening in Texas driving around with the ‘rents to make sure we hadn’t missed any of the sites of their home away from home. We picked up take-out pizza and pasta and relaxed together in their lovely condo. What a fantastic way to end a (too fast) five days in paradise with the loved ones.

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Stay tuned for the final blog about Texas: San Antonio and Home…


2 thoughts on “Texas Trip Part III: Beaches, “Young” People and The Ferry

  1. It’s always hard to sit and do nothing on vacation. But sometimes it’s needed and well worth it! Glad you guys had fun on your trip! Miss ya!

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