Texas Trip Part II: Gators, Falls and Splashes

Part II of our trip to Rockport, Texas takes us to the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge. It was a little cool and started drizzly, but it was a perfect way to spend a dreary Sunday. We started the day checking out the alligators. These were not alligators behind glass – we were just feet from them in the wild! I think we counted 11 in total as the day went on. There are a few of my favorite gator friends in the slideshow below. We also saw some whooping cranes, wild hogs and leaf-cutter ants in progress, but the gators were my fave.

One unfortunate thing that happened along the way though is that my mother-in-law Su stepped in an armadillo hole while watching the gators. She sprained her ankle and fell to the ground. She was a trooper and walked it off, but after our site-seeing she asked in the gift shop if they had ice so she could treat her ankle on the ride back to the condo. Before we knew it, the staff had called “the authorities” to tend to her “emergency”. We all got a little chuckle out of that and tried to explain that it wasn’t necessary, but alas, our beloved Texas Wildlife Marshall showed up:) He was hilarious! While she iced her ankle, the Marshall made fun of Hubby Luke for carrying his mom’s purse, pulled out his handcuffs when she accidentally gave him an expired license (because the picture was better than her new one), and he threatened to put the picture he took of her foot on Facebook – which he quickly corrected and joked that it would be more appropriate on “Footbook”. Her ankle was purple and swollen for the remainder of our trip, but we sure had fun with “the authorities”. And, they were filling in the hole as we left – talk about results!

After our day at the Wildlife Refuge we stopped at The Biggest Tree in Texas. It is old and held up by cables, but that didn’t stop us from taking pics with it. Note – the tree we are in in the photos is NOT the landmark, but another less important tree. Ha!

We then went for a delicious seafood dinner on the bay at Charlotte Plummers. I had crab stuffed flounder and Luke had a shrimp sampler plate. It was all so yummy and we got to learn more about the area over dinner from the folks while watching the sun fall behind the shrimp boats. After dinner, I bought a fabulous sun hat for myself and Luke and I walked on Rockport Beach until dark. We then drank wine and played cards back at the condo. Those Evanses sure do play a mean game of cards!

The next morning, we saw a dolphin swimming outside in the bay just below and beyond our balcony – so serene.

Then we headed to the Texas State Aquarium bright and early to beat the Spring Break crowds. The aquarium was so nice. We started at the otters – note about myself: I LOVE OTTERS! But, these otters were super stinky, so we quickly moved on to other exhibits as we waited for the 10 a.m. dolphin show. Ah… the dolphin show:) Most of the seated areas were full, so we found two spots for Curt and Su while Luke and I decided to stand in the back. Soon, they announced that anyone in the blue seats was in the Splash Zone and would probably get wet. We waited for the ‘rents to move, but they didn’t. I went and warned them, but I’m not sure they heard me right because they stayed put. They made it through about half the show dry before being splashed like CRAZY… twice! We all got a good laugh out of that, and Luke and I kept asking throughout the day “What smells like dolphins?” We think we’re so funny. Also, you must see the awesome t-shirt the aquarium had – check out the slideshow.

After the aquarium, we ate fish tacos (funny after leaving an aquarium) at Blackbeards  and got caught up in the stocks outside of the restaurant – see slideshow. The inside of the place was covered with legendary rock items – an Eric Clapton guitar, Led Zeppelin albums and a LOT more. We headed back to condo, took naps and grilled out in the evening. We ate steaks and drank expensive rum. Gotta love vacation.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Stay tuned for Part III: Beaches, “Young” People and The Ferry…


6 thoughts on “Texas Trip Part II: Gators, Falls and Splashes

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