How Awesome Are Weekends? (Plus PB Brownie Bites)

I love my job… but… how awesome are weekends? I mean really – how have I EVER taken them for granted? And, who made that genius decision to have workdays for five days and these blessed weekends for only two? Actually, just because I like to be good at “Jeopardy”, here is how it was decided: In cultures with a seven-day week, the day of rest derives from the main religious tradition: Sunday (Christian), Saturday (Jewish), or Friday (Muslim). The American concept of the weekend has its roots in labor union attempts to accommodate Jewish workers who took Saturday instead of Sunday as their Sabbath ( But, let’s figure out a way to find a third day of rest, shall we?

Okay, fair enough, but I still LOVE my weekends! And, I just had a fantastic one. My 21-year-old self would likely scoff and call it lame, but I feel organized, rested and I managed to have some fun, too.

In all honesty, I don’t remember what I did Friday. I think it may have involved Dateline and a bottle of wine, but that’s beside the point. Saturday, I went to the gym with the hubs and then spent most of the day cleaning (seriously cleaning), organizing, doing laundry and finding all of our tax papers. Saturday night, we watched “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”, a movie I first saw so long ago, I didn’t remember a thing about it. It’s a little weird, but I really liked it and – what’s not to like about looking at a young Johnny Depp for two hours? Oh, and I also made some delish Peanut Butter Brownie Bites I found on Pinterest. If you don’t want to mess with getting the bites out of the muffin tins, just bake as normal brownies and drizzle with peanut butter/chips.

Today, I woke up and showered before 8 a.m. (not typical on the weekend) and I was ready to watch our beloved “CBS Sunday Morning.” I worked on my hair and make-up during commercial breaks and welcomed my darling friend, Sherry” at 9ish so she could assist in doing our taxes. She’s an Accounting professor and I love her for helping us every year:) Oh, well I love her for lots of reasons!

We then met my husband Luke, my mom and my aunts at a Des Moines bar/restaurant called “Mullet’s” and ate a delicious brunch while sipping on Bloody Mary’s. I had to love my Aunt Marilyn’s choice of beverage though – a shot of blackberry brandy and a separate glass of 7UP because “she forgot to take her cold meds”. Hahaha.

My aunts Carolyn and Marilyn, me, my mom and one of my BFFs, Sherry.

My husband Luke looking his sexiest with my aunts. Notice the pics of mullets behind them.

The gals and I then went to BRING IT ON: THE MUSICAL and it was fabulous! I saw it on Tuesday with some other peeps and attended the company party afterward. Here’s most of the Tuesday night crowd below (missing one of my BFFs – Mallory).

My sis on my lap, me, my sis-in-law Joy on the very right - hanging with some of the cast members of BRING IT ON: THE MUSICAL at the company party. Notice my sis-in-law scamming on Neil Haskell, formerly a contestant on "So You Think You Can Dance". They were all so nice!

My mom and my aunts in their "Sisters" shirts. How cute (although rowdy) are they?

If this show comes to a theater near year, you really must see it. The stunting, dancing and music are phenomenal. And, it is light, upbeat and funny. I was a cheerleader, but the performers fly higher – about 30 feet higher – than I ever even got close to.

Anyway, that was a quick rundown of a weekend where I did whatever I wanted and it was awesome! No work, no appointments, no events, no so-called errands, etc. Oh, and the ISU men’s basketball team beat #10 ranked Baylor to take over the #3 seed in the Big 12 Tournament. Yay!!!

Mr. Pickles doesn't want the weekend to end either.

All in all, it was a great weekend, and I sure could use another day or two to extend it. But, alas – back to the salt mines tomorrow:)


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