From Oatmeal to Organized

Even though I am 28, I still wear the occasional headband. And, although they give me headaches halfway through the day, I dig them. So, I decided it was time to organize them since they are such an awkward shape and since I don’t wear them everyday. They were just popping up on the floor covered in cat hair all the time and that’s just no fun.

Headband holder made from oatmeal container.

I found this quick and brilliant idea on Pinterest to make a headband and hair accessory organizer out of a used oatmeal container. I am terrible and didn’t take step-by-step pictures, but here are the super simple instructions.

1) Find your favorite scrapbook paper.

2) Measure it to fit an empty oatmeal container – the cylinder shaped ones.

3) Glue the paper around the cylinder. You can decorate the lid if you want.

And, that’s really it, people. Add your favorite headbands to the outside and add any elastics or bows to the inside. Happy gluing!

P.S. The original “pin” calls for a cheap candle holder as a base, but mine is just in my closet, so no fanciness for this gal!


2 thoughts on “From Oatmeal to Organized

    • Thanks for your comment! It wasn’t MY idea, but I am pretty excited to actually have taken the time to do a little project. It’s hard to find the time, of course:)

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