Mr. E’s Manicotti

A few months ago I was at an American Advertising Federation luncheon and I sat next to the Marketing Director for AE Dairy. She and I got to talking about some of their products and I told her that I absolutely loved Mr. E’s Garden Vegetable Cottage Cheese, even though I’m not a big cottage cheese fan. Well, she told me about the great recipes featured on Anderson Erickson’s website and how one of them is “Mr. E’s Manicotti”! I just had to try it. It did not disappoint – delish! Here’s a photo of it warmed up the next day because I forgot to take a fresh picture of it.

Mr. E's Manicotti

Click the photo to be directed to the recipe on the website. There are plenty of other great recipes there, too. You can search by type of recipes or by AE product.

Also, sometimes I find Mr. E’s is difficult to find in some area grocery stores. Last time I made it, I couldn’t find it after searching three different stores. So, I used regular cottage cheese and just added a couple of tablespoons of AE French Onion Garlic dip. Yum! Happy cooking – it’s no health food, but it’s so worth the calories! Oh, and did I mention it’s easy to make and you actually make it a day before you want to eat it – great for a busy day/night. You don’t even have to boil water!


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