Hugs and Waves in the New Year

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted. The holidays happened, and then all of those days off spent lazing around certainly did not leave time for typing – ha.

In fact, at a party the other night, my friend Felicia pointed out that she hadn’t seen a blog post recently. To inspire (bribe) me to write something, she offered up the best gift a person can give another person (no not a flat screen TV) – a hug!

That hug did indeed motivate me to get back on the wagon and write about something. Hugs are often taken for granted, but they are something everyone can give and unless you are a bit of a germaphobe, chances are you like hugs. The sense of touch is often thought to ward off depression. If you’re feeling blue, maybe try asking someone for a hug. And, if there’s no one around to hug you, hug yourself. Or, maybe just watching this video about free hugs will help.

Thanks Felicia for inspiring the first part of this post. For the second part, I’ve been thinking a lot about another type of hug – waves! I think a wave is like a non-touching hug. That is super sappy, huh?

Anyway, I was thinking that each new year you “wave” good-bye to whatever happened in the past year, be it good or bad. It’s so nice to wave and forget about sad or annoying things that happened. Yet, you can wave good-bye to the blessings and good experiences and at the same time hang on to the fond memories forever.

Dewey, by Vicki Myron with Bret Witter

Mr. Pickles

What sticks out most in my mind when I think about waving is the wave Dewey the library cat would give to his “mom” in the book Dewey.

I just finished reading this wonderful book. It’s pretty popular around Iowa since it was written by an Iowan. But, the real reason I checked it out at the Des Moines Public Library is because my husband and I think the cat (Dewey) on the cover looks like our Mr. Pickles.

You’ve probably heard the story of this sweet cat who was an in-house resident of the Spencer Public Library for nearly two decades. I won’t give you all the details, but the author Vicki Myron saved Dewey’s life and for years he (as Vicki puts it) saved her and thousands of other people’s lives when they were going through tough times.

One of the most notable things about Dewey’s relationship with Vicki was that when she pulled up in her car to work in the mornings, he would be at the front door and would put his paw up and wave to her – every morning!

I love my cats – probably too much. As my brother puts it, “Wow, you need to have human children soon, because the cat pictures are just getting creepy.” But, whether you have kids, cats, dogs or live completely alone, there are little things in our lives that keep us going. The Dewey book is full of examples and touching stories. I highly recommend it. And, I’m just starting into her new book, Dewey’s Nine Lives.

As we continue into 2012, I think it’s important to think about things like hugs and waves as examples of looking at the bright side of life when we’re frustrated or bored or angry, etc. No one’s life is perfect. But, I’m a big believer in cherishing the good and trying to overcome the bad.

Happy New Year! Hug or wave at someone everyday in 2012:)


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