Many Weddings and a Funeral

Bobbi Silvernail Brunscheon as Mrs. Iowa

Today I am inspired to write about a former co-worker and friend, Bobbi Silvernail Brunscheon. She was a mother, a loving daughter, a devoted wife, a TV anchor, a past Mrs. Iowa, a crazed Michigan Football fanatic and most recently – an ordained minister passionate about marrying couples whether they be man and wife, man and man, or wife and wife. She was truly happy bringing these married people together for lifetimes of joy.

However, Bobbi passed away just a few days ago, unexpectedly at the age of 38. She just stopped breathing in her sleep and it isn’t clear yet what caused this. But, as I sat at her funeral today, it was clear that it wasn’t her death that everyone was focused on – it was her life. For Bobbi was a lover of all people. She was a champion of the underdog.

Bobbi recently at a wedding she officiated.

Her friends, family and husband told of just a few examples of her heart of gold. One time when she was working as an anchor at the Des Moines NBC affiliate, a fellow employee didn’t have enough money to buy a car so he road his bike to work. Bobbi thought that was just too much in the harsh Iowa winters, so she led the way in raising money to get him a car, which he got:) There was also talk of her taking flowers to a fast-food worker who gave great service with a smile. And, then even just days before her passing, she gave a complete stranger enough money to take the bus home to San Diego to see his family for Thanksgiving because “he had good energy.”

Even in the short 13 months that I worked alongside Bobbi at a local TV station, it was clear she cared about people. She was truly a light in the newsroom that would shine no matter what was thrown at her. She was a big supporter when I myself was stressed over wedding planning and fighting with the management there to get out of my bogus contract. In fact, it was Bobbi who sent me straight to her lawyer in the midst of the contract debate:)

So, the point of my blog today is that I would like to make a pledge… to Bobbi… and to the world. I pledge to do what I can to spread joy to others, to give to those in need and to help make the world a better place. Sometimes I like to think I do a good job of that, but after true reflection – there is a lot more I could be doing. So, thank you Bobbi for living for all of us and for, even in death, sharing your positive energy and motivation to brighten all of our lives. You will be truly missed and my prayers go out to your family. Go Blue!


4 thoughts on “Many Weddings and a Funeral

  1. Thank you for the beautiful summary of Bobbi’s life. Even to the end she was giving of herself as a donor to extend someone else’s life. I noticed that you mentioned you have cats. Which reminded me of Bobbi as a little girl, who loved her kitten so much she would squeeze it so tight. I’m sure that kitten had more than nine lives. I miss her so much. Bobbi’s Mom

    • Hi Maggie – she truly was a special person. I give much credit to you and her father who spoke so wonderfully of her during the funeral. I hope your memories of Bobbi can help you cope with the loss of her. I’m sending happy thoughts your way:)

  2. Thank you for writing this. I loved Bobbi for her enthusiasm and her generosity. I loved her because we passionately disagreed on same sex marriage and we forged a bond of friendship stronger than one disagreement. I loved her for who she was and she totally accepted me and even chided friends who came close to rudeness if there was a political debate on her facebook wall. I miss her, we were supposed to have lunch the Monday after Thanksgiving…instead I went to a funeral home on a cold November night and listened to Guns N Roses all the way to Ames. Everybody needs somebody, you’re not the only one.

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