ONE of the CyclONE Nation

37-31: The Cyclones win it!

We're number 1!

I just wanted to take a moment to praise the Iowa State Cyclone football team, coach and community for an amazing 37-31 victory over number two ranked Oklahoma State this past Saturday! The Cyclones had never won against a top five team before and it was an honor to be there and to be a part of it.

The game of my life.I must admit I didn’t think ISU could win this game, while a couple of my fellow tailgaters actually predicted the upset. But, the football team proved me and most of the country wrong – and that day at Jack Trice Stadium was truly perfect. The weather was windy but not too cold, and the sun was shining. The food and the games in the tailgating lot were fab as always. Although, our charcoal seemed to have some Harry Potter business going on as sparks kept spraying out of the grill like fireworks (maybe it was the magic of the evening).

Whipping the towels as things started to get real.

The game was fun to watch even when we were down 24-7. Oklahoma State is such a great team and both teams were causing turnovers right and left. What couldn’t you love about a game like that? It was in the second half of the game after another ISU touchdown when my husband Luke got his giddy schoolgirl face on and started jumping up and down yelling “We’re rushing the field, we’re rushing the field.” I was bundled up in a blanket thinking “I am too old for that. Let’s beat traffic”. But, after the heroic touchdown in double overtime by Jeff Woody to solidify a Cyclone victory, how could I turn him down?

Us out in the sea of Cyclones.

Our ticket buddies Rob and Nicole, and Luke and I rushed the field with so many other thousands of fans in the CyclONE Nation. The cheerleaders were there for high fives on entry to the field. Sweet Caroline played for all of Story County to hear. Students mingled with players. Fans mingled with the coach. There were no enemies in that stadium at that time.

Let's hear it for the Cyclone Nation!

While non-football fans might not understand what all the fuss is about – it is about just that: the moments when we are ONE. The moments when you are part of greatness, when you are part of a team, when you are part of history. As Coach Paul Rhoads is always so proud, as am I… proud to be ONE of the CyclONE Nation. Click here to see an awesome montage from WHO-TV.

Thanks for a great home season and good luck on the road the rest of the year, Cyclones! Let’s go bowlin’!

As a final thought, I would like to express my thoughts and prayers to the Oklahoma State community as they heal following the plane crash carrying their women’s basketball coaches. God bless the OSU community and the friends and families of the victims.


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