How to Wear Scarves

I’ve come to find as I get older, I notice or utilize things that likely have existed forever but that I never noticed as a younger me. One of those things I’ve only noticed in the last couple of years is scarves. I know, right? Who the heck hasn’t heard about scarves? Well, I’ve certainly heard of them and have worn them all my life for warmth. But, I’ve only recently figured out how to work them into my wardrobe as fashion pieces. Or, maybe wearing scarves wasn’t fashionable ten years ago. Either way – I love wearing them! I love seeing other people wear them. I love how they can take an ordinary shirt you wore in August and transform it into a fall/winter friendly look.

Anyway, to my point: if you are a fan of scarves as well or would like to experiment, check out this great video on how to tie and wear them properly. There are PLENTY of options! This was produced by Maurices (great marketing idea, by the way) and if you’re a fan of “Project Runway” you might notice Christopher Straub as a former contestant. If you can’t trust a former “Project Runway” contestant, who can you trust anyway?


P.S. I’ve found great scarves at Old Navy, Younkers and CATO to name a few. I have also had great luck at craft markets.


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