Stand, Look, Gesture

My second lesson will be short, but might come in handy for those of you who ever work with or come in contact with the public. I just attended a corporate training session with Tero International. The training taught us three simple ways to become more trustworthy and welcoming to customers/clients. Here they are:

1) Stance: stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Have your knees slightly bent. Your arms should hang loosely at your side. This is hard for me, because I’m a foot shifter (I am usually wearing painful shoes – fashion before comfort). I also tend to ring my hands together due to nervous energy. Think about how you stand and what it might say about you!

2) Eye contact: this should be a no-brainer, but apparently there is a science to it. According to the presenter, Carrrrrlos (he stressed the importance of rolling the r’s in his name), you should indeed make eye contact when speaking with someone. However, 14 seconds is the target time where any eye contact held beyond 14 seconds makes a professional conversation go awkward! If the person is your close friend or family member, you’ve got 20 seconds of straight eye contact before they start squirming. He suggested breaking the contact before the 14 second mark and then returning.

3) Gestures: Carlos says to always gesture with your hands ABOVE your waste and your palms facing OUTWARD. Now, my immediate thought on this was – wait a second, won’t that look like I’m getting a little grabby? Up to your interpretation;)

If you want to see all of these things presented in person for your workplace, Carlos Alvarez is a hoot!


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