Birthday Blessings Come in Disguise

It is fitting to me that my first blog would be at the start of a new year for me. I just turned the big 2-8 yesterday. That being said, my first lesson I will share with you is that birthday blessings come in disguise.

I have been somewhat disappointed that our “fall kick-off” at work was going to be on my birthday – Monday, September 12 (I’m a pretty big birthday person). What this meant to me in my head was I would be working 12 hours instead of having fun. And, I must say, I was totally wrong. My co-workers I see each day, some part-time co-workers I’ve never met, my family and my lovely husband made this somewhat ordinary-seeming day extraordinary.

Six cards full of laughter!

I wanted sushi for my birthday lunch, but when my department-mates and I got to the sushi place, it was closed since it was Monday. So we ate at a greek place called the Olympic Flame instead. The food ended up being delish and my boss ordered flaming cheese – something super fun to see AND eat! My colleagues surprised me with a total of six greeting cards that made me laugh so hard I cried. Here’s a picture of all of them.

You may wonder what’s special about cards. Well, they are filled with fabulous inside jokes that only my co-workers and I would get! Funny as they may be, I felt special that these two boys would lead the way in making a big, unique effort on my birthday. My boss treated me to the lunch and I also got a tiny snow globe with the name “Kay” on it – also an inside joke.

The day of fun in disguise continued once the kick-off meeting started. The president of my company announced it was my birthday and a spontaneous round of “Happy Birthday” sprang out of about 200 co-workers’ mouths – many whom I’ve never even officially met. And, did I mention there was cake and punch? I’ll just pretend it was in celebration of my 28th:)

Throughout the day, I received flowers from my family, more than 100 Facebook wishes and dozens of texts and calls.

From the hubs with love

But, I tell you – it only gets better. My husband Luke and I were bummed I wouldn’t even be seeing him until 9 p.m. But, I must say leaving him alone those extra four hours after he was off work paved the way for him to be his usual sweet and thoughtful self. Not only did he get me some fantastic presents – IPOD Shuffle, new fancy food processor, ice-cream maker and… a DVD of “The Neverending Story” (ha), but the man… had… made me a chocolate cake from scratch (or, I guess that would be from box)!!! I am still so impressed that I am eating a slice of it for breakfast as I write.

So, if you ever face your birthday and you’re not excited about the number, or you have to do something on your special day that you think will take away from the fun… don’t let it! Happiness and new experiences can be made anywhere in any situation.

I’d love to hear about your unlikely “good” birthdays! In the meantime, here’s an article with some ideas of things to do on your birthday.


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